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  1. Good luck to you. Your a brave man haha. Will be following 👍
  2. Time for my wheels to come off and get some TLC. Anyone selling some I can roll round on it's a mondeo tit x sport with 19" on now just after summit with legal tyres to keep it rolling so dont have to be anything special just cheap
  3. Gotcha, cheers fellas, driver abuse short journey's. Lesson learnt
  4. 2012 2.2 (200) tit x sport First is the egr on the rear of the engine? Also is remo al better for a clean or the spray egr cleaner? I would prefer removal and clean as I dont like the sound of the spray releasing chunks of sh@# into the engine but that is just what I have read. Anyone used the spray or manual clean? Is it an easy enough job to do? Have to replace the intercooler hose later so may as well look at cleaning egr too Thanks in advance Steve
  5. Il try keep it short. Got the 2012 mk4.5 2.2 diesel it was struggling to do a regeneration as was only doing short runs. Also I was sure I was hearing the turbo give a louder whoosh or whistle than normal not bad but different to normal Anyway long story short I had the dpf removed and flushed but on the way home I would get a flat spot between 2000/2500 revs, as soon as the turbo gives boost I get eml and limp mode. Turn car of and back on and the problem clears until the turbo gives boost. Grabbed the error code which give the turbo as under boosting. My thoughts after much reading The intercooler pipe has split maybe due to the dpf being blocked or causing the dpf to block up. However all the symptoms seem to match others minus the excessive smoke everyone else seems to report. No smoke what so ever. Could it still mean intercooler pipe or other turbo related pipe? If it is the intercooler hose is it an easy enough job or better in a workshop? Any advice much appreciated and thanks in advance Steve
  6. Id go for the old ebay. At the end of the day its only worth what someone will pay for it. Do you have a price in mind?
  7. Cheers I guess the internet is my new Haynes then.
  8. Whats happened to Haynes? Every car ive ever owned ive always bought the Haynes to go with it with no problems. I cant seem to find one for my current car tho. 2012 mondeo tit x sport 2.2 diesel. Can anybody point me in the right direction or have I missed something along the way?
  9. As above your better of doing it yourself. Its an easy enough job and you can buy the caliper paint kit. Brush, cleaner and high temp paint for under £20
  10. Been looking around for any updates for the converse + and also the satnav could do with an update. Anyone direct me to an update for either or both? Thanks Steve
  11. Sorry for the delayed response Thanks to the 2 replies above you helped me out. Got the ELM327 and forscan Tried a forced regen and it stopped at 16% tried again and stopped at 8%, in total i tried around 5 times and it wouldnt fully regen so..... I reset the codes and also the learnt dpf values then took her for a good run and she has been perferct since. Not sure if it was a fluke or resetting the values and codes with a good run caught it in time but either way it worked. Lesson learnt and I now let her warm up properly and give a good opportunity to self regen. Great bit of software and hardware aquired for all of £16.99 better than the £350 the local garage wanted. Thanks again for the help
  12. Got a 2012 mondeo 2.2 tit x sport diesel Moved house so my commute mileage has dropped from 70miles a day to 70miles a week. Yip short journeys for the past month, not good for the dpf Anyway engine light came on with "engine malfunction" warning and now in limp mode Plugged it in to the Bluefin gizmo for the diagnostic feature and got P2463 and P2472. Im certain the dpf needs a regeneration but I havent run her long enough over the past month Question is whats my best way of forcing a regeneration? Does anyone have a link to the correct Forscan software for my car? Also anyone got a link for the correct hardware to use with Forscan Preferably on amazon? The above seems to be the best option or have you got a better solution? Thanks in advance Steve
  13. I cant help but love, want need Eleanor the 1967 gt500 same colour, same everything, not the best car in the world I know but for me it ticks every box and back to reality I go
  14. Used it for past 3 months on mine. No issues at all
  15. Sorry Jonro I have a bad habit of that Mustang sally
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