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  1. Hi, hello to all on here 👍 my son has a mk6 escort 1996, he wanted to change his headlight bulbs to white bulbs, both headlights were working fine,changed 1 bulb and it never worked, replaced the original working bulb and it doesn’t work? So we took the working other side bulb out and the same thing. Now sidelights work but no headlights? Checked fuse 5 and 6 and they look fine?totally confused please help .
  2. Don’t think so? Going to put a multi meter on tomorrow but plugged light fitting with bulbs in to the other side and it worked fine. Indicators works fine, the brake part of the bulbs works fine, just the sidelight part (double element bulb) doesn’t work. Front side light doesn’t work either.
  3. Hi, could anybody please help me with info on a rear and front drivers side, side light problem, the drivers side doesn’t work at all I have replaced the builds twice, I have checked the fuses but can’t seem to find the right fuse? I was told there should be 1 fuse for each side which on I haven’t got a clue it doesn’t say in the handbook . Anybody please help.
  4. Hi to all, I am in Kent own a fiesta metal black 👍
  5. Hi to all, I am in Kent own a fiesta metal black 👍
  6. Is there any mechanics out there that can do a head gasket and replace a valve on a mk7 1.6 please? I changed the plugs today on my sons car and a piece of the ceramic must have gone in to the hole? I didn't realised it had,and now sounds like its bent a valve? Had a compression test done 1 pot is low, I towed it to a garage and was advised this ,? The car runs ok just a rattle ?Anybody help please in Kent