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  1. Hey guys, So I have a Mk6 Fiesta Zetec 1.4 5 door. I love the car, it's quite nippy considering the lowish power output and it runs well, however it's done 130k miles and I can feel it's a little on it way out. I sorted a leaky head gasket by flushing all coolant and then applying some radweld! It seems to be sealed for now, also I feel the gear box is a bit dodgy on occasion as it sometimes struggles to go into 4th. Anyway, having a 5 door fez is very useful as I hate having to get out to let people in the car and I've always considered some form of sleeper, since the engine may be on its way out is and I'd just replace it. Is there any engines that would be a superior upgrade and would be fairly straightforward? I literally have no upgrades at the moment and if you have any for the 1.4 that are good to get, that would be helpful too for now rather than a whole engine swap. But overall, I was thinking a 5 door fiesta st150 would be cool! So to sum up, TL:DR, any mod ideas for the 1.4? Willing to spend £1000 max! Alternatively, a suitable engine swap that would be an upgrade with some mod-ability. Look forward to your replies! Cheers guys, Josh
  2. I'll probably give it a bash then. Then if I'm not satisfied, I can always try for more power!
  3. That's fair, a quick look on eBay and I can grab a damaged Puma for around £200 so I may just do that and go 5-door street racer!
  4. Might have a look into doing that, I sorted out a turbo kit for my mate on his MX-5 a couple of years ago, the kits were expensive as hell so I pretty much made one up for him and all he had to do was fit the thing and get it mapped. I think a 1.25 turbo'd fez would be bonkers, especially since it seems to rev well. Issue I think is not many companies do rods and pistons for the little thing, I'll definitely look at boring though as there's a place near me that does that.
  5. So if I dropped a Puma lump in, where could I go from there? Is it a similar weight? Will I keep the same great handling? Can the Puma engine be turbo'd/supercharged? I'm pretty curious about all this, it's a 5 door so I want it to be pretty "sleeper". I've considered a few more 'extreme' engine swaps but it'd more than likely be far more hassle than it's worth!
  6. Before I get the "don't bother" stuff, a little info. This isn't my first car or even my main car, it's just a free mk5 I was given by my parents, it's a W reg and it's only done 40k miles. My best friend has a MK3 Golf GTI that's now done 170k miles. Now according to online specs, the Golf does 0-60 in 12.00seconds and the Fiesta in 12.7secs. I'm wondering what I can do to get the fiesta to do 0-60 quicker than the Golf, it's not about making the fiesta some racing car, it's about keeping it looking as stock as possible and rubbing it in his face since he talks absolute rubbish about his car 24/7. I know for a fact his car is stock since he doesn't even know how to hold a spanner properly. Money isn't really an object since I'm paid quite well and I have a fair whack saved up for a "project". I really don't care about the car and I've also considered using it for hillclimbs as I've seen a few of the 1.25s used in the small engine category. Any help is appreciated, cheers guys! Josh