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  1. Collected my car today. Not happy with Ford. Rattly engine, a friend said its the tappets in the camshaft that sounds like they are rattling. Possibly swollen? https://www.mediafire.com/download/hz1sxfn843a5su7 Additionally there was a clip missing from the under bonnet covering. According to the service manager no additional software has been updated so all it seems that they've done is replace the damaged T-Piece and top up the coolant. Not even an apology. Disgusted with them and going to forward this to Ford Ireland. I'd appreciate comments and suggestions especially to the sound of my engine. Thanks
  2. So.. My stricken vehicle was winched onto the back of a recovery truck (through my insurance) and delivery back to the Ford dealership in question three days ago. I've heard nothing since. Its just disgusting the way I've been treated. Not even an apology (yet).
  3. Thanks JW1982, at least now I know where the fault lies, i.e. that the T-Piece was not present before it went into the garage for the recall. Therefore it was either the garage fitting it that broke it or that T-Piece was delivered to them damaged. Either way the fault isn't with me. I phoned and emailed pictures to the Ford Dealership who carried out the recall work yesterday and today they got back to me saying that they would repair the vehicle and get it back on the road IF I could get it to them. Obviously i'm 68km away from them so they were trying to put the onus on me to get the vehicle back to them. Now thanks to your reply confirming that part wasn't originally on my vehicle I'm inclined to refuse and put the responsibility solely on them. Another point which I've discovered after re-reading the original recall letter is "It is important that this vehicle is returned to a Ford Authorised Dealer. Your Ford Authorised Dealer will upgrade the cooling system with a coolant level sensor and update the vehicles software providing visual and audible warnings should the coolant level fall below the required level". I wonder if this was done or not? As you can see from my dash image, I have no visual warnings nor audible ones whilst the vehicle has virtually zero coolant. I'll keep you informed of the progress..
  4. The original 'GTDI Cooling System Recall' thread can be found here. So literally our car was collected from Ford Wednesday 18th, driven home (approx 67km). Thursday 19th driven to work and back (approx 48km). Friday 20th the car wasn't driven as my wife said she heard a "funny noise" and decided to take our other Focus. I checked out the Zetec-S that morning to try and identify the "funny noise" but couldn't find anything strange. Actually whilst inspecting the engine bay it was at this point that I took those header bottle pictures on the other thread. I gave it a drive myself but didn't find anything unusual (approx 14km). Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd car was garaged and unused. Monday 23rd it was taken to work and back (approx 48km) and it was on the way home that my wife said it lost power and the engine management light came on. Tuesday 24th (today) I drove it the 2km down to my friends garage to discover.. See attached photos. Right so I've several questions here and I'd appreciate if we can come to some general census regarding them. (1) Did Ford change that coolant pipe in part of the recall? I presume not. Did they have to disconnect that pipe? I presume so. Did they break the pipe? I presume so. Did they glue it back together? I presume so. (2) I thought that THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS RECALL was to give the driver an indication that the coolant level was low, yet as you can see from the first picture there is nothing flashing up on the screen "Coolant low"? Reprogramming of the IPC (instrument cluster) with new software. Reprogramming of the PCM with new software. Yet I see no difference on the screen? Am I to presume that although it's been updated there is no indication of any coolant level or warning indicator? Obviously the temperature gauge gives it away to me but maybe not so to my wife? (3) Legally where do I stand? I'm in shock, the vehicle has covered less than 177km when this problem occurred. It's just left a Ford dealership and it's already broken! I'm going to be on the phone with them first thing tomorrow morning.. I'll keep you updated.
  5. Ubetcha

    17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    So finally my local (65km) Ford dealership phoned me back.. actually they phoned me back a couple of times during this 'waiting' period. Initially they said "They didn't have the tools required to do the job" and back that up with the fact that the 182PS 1.6 Eco boost isn't available in the Republic of Ireland. To which I replied "Special tools? What are they then?" and surely if you work on 1.0 Eco boost's then changing a header tank on a 1.6 is a similar process? Eventually I got a date (last Thursday 12th) and I had a phone call on Monday (16th) saying the work was completed. Upon collecting my vehicle I inquired why I had no read out of the coolant level on the dash. I presumed because of the PCM update I would at least get some kind of reading (even if it was in 'Test' mode) but they replied not. So I just want to confirm with you guys that this is correct? Here's a photo or two of my header tank. I presume that is also correct? I just want to check with you guys (an independent source) Thanks.
  6. Ubetcha

    My Mk3ZS - Latest Clean

    Instagram filtered picture of my nine and a half hour clean n polish
  7. Ubetcha

    17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    Was in town yesterday (65km away) after some 'touch up' paint.. whilst I was there I inquired about this too... ..."Parts need ordering and then we'll be in touch" - sound promising me thinks Ironically I've already suffered and fixed coolant loss (search my threads) so actually having a gauge/warning indicator will give me a little more peace of mind. I'll update on their progress as and when..
  8. Ubetcha

    My Mk3 ZS - Brake Suggestions

    Agree'd Went with the cheaper and only £5 for delivery to Ireland.. Will update once they arrive.. (and no doubt there will be a host of cheaper listings posted here now that I've ordered!!)
  9. Ubetcha

    My Mk3 ZS - Brake Suggestions

    Please Luke, show me, show me!! I'm going to be a postal customer due to living in Southern Ireland. Thanks Dave, that's reassuring to know. Well, mine definitely has 300mm front discs! For the left photo I stood the tape measure on the ground and adjusted it to the top of the disc, I took closer shots on the right because if you look at the left image it looks miles out, that's just perspective, I didn't move the tape at all for the three photos. Hmm a good 'ole pint of wife beater eh!!!
  10. Ubetcha

    Hello from Ireland

    No, factory Ford seemingly. Thanks and sorry for my late reply!
  11. Ubetcha

    Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    I'm only an hour and twenty minutes away from the Foyle bridge!! Never say never!!
  12. Ubetcha

    My Mk3 ZS - Brake Suggestions

    Thanks for the advise guy, its always appreciated.. Yes, I must whip a wheel off and just double check although I'm 99% certain that it'll be a 300mm disc. What make you think it'll be a 278mm disc Wilto? Also after the first few helpful comments on this thread I always had planned to avoid Eicher. The screenshots I posted are Brembo/Pagid aren't they? Cool.. OK so I'll also check out CPFL as suggested Luke, infact I'll do it now.. HOLY MOTHER.. look!! That IS SOME difference.. Brilliant! - Well done guys, that's definitely a beer I owe you!
  13. Ubetcha

    Kpgs Mk3 Focus Titanium

    Congrats on your new job KPG, we'll cross paths one day on the roads i'm sure!
  14. Ubetcha

    My Mk3 ZS - Brake Suggestions

    Appreciate that Wilto, Actually I started looking with my eyes at EuroCarParts and found these two.. I entered the old UK reg too to find out if they were 300mm or 278mm discs.. Link 1 - Discs Link 2 - Pads I presume these are the correct items? (and much cheaper than the Brembo race discs I discovered earlier (£180.97 + £3.95 P&P / €211.47)) If these were correct would these be best price? Its hard for me to know! Thanks
  15. Ubetcha

    My Mk3 ZS - Brake Suggestions

    OK, so I've spent the last thirty minutes searching.. this is not an easy thing! Trying to find something that actually fits is not as easy as they'd have you believe.. Amazons links were appreciated buy they were just generic searches for "Ford" + "Brembo" and I couldn't see anything applicable there :-( eBay was comical.. Enter the details of your car and search.. A huge list of brake pads seemingly available yet when choosing one and double checking to see if it fit I kept getting "This item does not fit Ford Focus 2011 MK III [2010-2018] Hatchback 1.6 EcoBoost 1596ccm 182HP 134KW (Petrol)." so that was rather annoying. I even listed the search by price (most expensive first) and it still said they weren't compatible! Right then, I went straight to the manufacturer (Brembo's PDF) and looked at their PDF so see what was suggested in that.. This states "FD213000" which of course eBay and Amazon don't have any of! I found a link in Germany HERE for the price of around €321, obviously plus p&p etc but is this really the only offering I can choose from? Regarding pads, I've found HERE from Textar, wtf is 'epad'? Looking at the top two examples, I've found Option 1 HERE on Amazon for around £25 and Option 2 HERE from OnlineCarParts for around £55 - Any suggestions?? Will either fit? According to Amazon check fitment those should be good but they seem too cheap to me! Thoughts? Also is this a typo? .. Discs circa €350, pads circa £55 - Sorry but I'm either muddled up or I'm looking at the wrong this of items to buy for my Zetec-S (Confirmation please) If you can specify model numbers so I can easily find items you refer to as well please guy it'll certainly be appreciated. OK, I'll hold fire until I hear back from you guys, I wont order anything just yet! Thanks in advance :-)