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  1. Acceleration issues mk2.5 AT

    1.6L Duratec 16V PFI 100PS Sigma (petrol)
  2. Acceleration issues mk2.5 AT

    Went for a drive, car performed more less normal, no acceleration issue, but would still like to figure this out. Wondering if the DTC in screenshots could cause the issue described in previous post.
  3. Acceleration issues mk2.5 AT

    Hi Guys, Got a new issue with my ford focus 2010 AT today. Was going on the highway when suddenly lost power, couldn't accelerate past 70, the 60 then 40kms (full throttle), eventually stopped and switched ignition off/on, it helped for some time but had to do that several times before I got home. With less than 200meters, had to get up on small hill, car couldn't go past 20km/h, eventually stopped and engine started choking, restarting ignition helped me to get home but its just so frustrating. Would appreciate any tips or ideas. I have usb ODB-II dongle but I didn't see anything in the forscan DTC, just did a reset and will take for a test drive in the evening to see if anything pops up, was hoping anyone familiar with possible culprits. The last thing I want to take car and get stuck on the road, especially after such a painful trip home. Thanks! PS: have half tank of fuel, so unlikely I ran out of it.
  4. cluster problem

    Follow up: Received IC this morning, and went to swap my 8V4T-10849-EK with 8V4T-10849-EJ (that's what I managed to source on ebay). Here is the tutorial I would definitely recommend to follow (even if you're just swapping mk2.5 IC's): I used "Tunnelrat Electronics" USB Modified ELM327. All went pretty smooth, only got stuck at trying to reprogram keys on new (2nd hand) IC, problem was my ODB-II dongle was switched to incorrect CAN bus so toggling MS/HS CAN bus solved that.
  5. cluster problem

    Have very similar problem with 2010 1.6 automatic. My local dealer quoted 1000+€ for the fix, so i decided to give it a shot and sort this myself. I haven't got far though. Recently pulled out IC and found out its 8V4T-10849-EK, now the question is can I replace it with anything else since mailing it in for repair is not an option for me (high shipping costs, can't live without car for month+). In this thread someone mentioned that it must match fuel type, so in my case I need a petrol one, but does it have to match AT/MT as well? Would any of these work? 8V4T-10849-EE 8V4T-10849-EF 8V4T-10849-EG 8V4T-10849-EJ 8V4T-10849-EK (same as currently installed) I also remember seeing a tutorial about upgrading IC on mk2 to mk2.5 one with details about programming keys, etc, perhaps someone has a bookmark or smth, I can't seem to find it anymore?
  6. Looking for music box (mbx01)

    My hopes were to high. I've submitted an order but there was no payment page, no follow up email and eventually even my logins details on that site stopped working. Oh well. In terms of other solutions, there is company selling standard/modified (used) units with mp3 + usb, but they only come in silver. I've seen another usb music box product (Yatour) that supposedly fits focus mk 2.5, but I'm not convinced it does (works as cd changer) and secondly you need to have specific folder structure which is annoying and not worth 60-100eur price tag... PS: If anyone willing to sell new/used one (MBX01) send me PM. I'm still interested.
  7. Looking for music box (mbx01)

    Submitted the order. Just have to hope they still selling it. Thanks!
  8. Looking for music box (mbx01)

    Any supplier/recycling company in particular? I've asked dealers and they all say the same, part no longer available. I know it's plug an play thats why i would love to have it! I have set up both 1746768 and mbx01 as keywords for ebay notifications but so far nothing showed up (past 2 months). I've found another alternative which is second hand unit likely modified to play usb, but it only comes in silver color (from car-solutions) and unfortunately I need the dark one...
  9. Looking for music box (mbx01)

    Been looking on the ebay and net in general for music box (mbx01) to get USB working in my mk2.5 focus, but all I can see ebay listing from a year ago. Any one has an idea where to get new/used one, or have one for sale?