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  1. Being as this is about mk6 stereo wiring anyone know which wire sends the information to the lcd dash to show the station name ? I had the old radio that did show the name of the station .But I have upgraded to a sony dab radio and that does not ,it is not the end of the world but I would like to know why and see if I can sort it
  2. I reckon I have sorted it I have moved the white wire from pin one to pin 5 then the ground wire from the aux to pin one ,then the left and right aux wires to pin six and seven fingers crossed
  3. Thank you bud that is interesting reading , I did the update earlier to day that went fine I now have to have a look at the wiring, you are a star all being well I will report back tomorrow . I sorted out the usb I got hold of a cable that fitted the Bluetooth module but had a male end so the ford usb "finisher" would not fit so I chopped the end off and joined it with a cable I had from an alpine radio I had and that works fine ,saved me a few quid if I had known I should have just got a ford cable with two female ends but not to worry you live and learn
  4. First of all sorry for the late update work has been crazy , anyway I have got rid of my wining but I have noticed when I listen to a song on the radio that I have on usb I have noticed it sounds much better on the radio .At first I thought it was me but on careful investigation it seems as if I have some how connected the wiring so I have either two left channels or two right channels defo not stereo . I assume its me being thick but can anyone please tell me what pins the aux wires fit in and what wires do I either have to add or join to get stereo ? thanks
  5. Firstly I am sorry for posting in an old thread but I can not find the answer any were and secondly because of the nature of the question would the mods please not move my post to the m 6 forum I think the mk6 fiesta never had this option, I have tried in that forum but never had any luck .Right I have a ford fusion and I have retrofitted all of the audio system dab radio AM module ect , I now have Bluetooth streaming ect no voice control any more but I can live with that . What I would like to know is could some one pleeease tel me if this cable that was posted earlier on in the thread is the one I need to connect my am Bluetooth module to my usb stick that would fit in my glove box not in the arm rest like the mk7 ? thanks lads please put me out of my misery I have spent hours trying to find one . it has to be the ford one not the mini usb type
  6. I have sorted it as soon as I get the connectors for the wires I will explain all I do not want to disturb it at the mo
  7. Thanks again I have that picture and tried to read the pins but same as you I think I am not having much luck, tomorrow if the rain is not to bad I am going to try the aux wires in pins 37 and 38 and 19 .What I can not figure out is when I fit the wires I have cut off my aux cable to pins 5 and 6 I get sound but when I connect them to other pins I get nothing ,forgive me for being thick but this is all new to me
  8. no wonder my sound via Bluetooth sounds washed out and wining but that could be my music ,so at the mo I have as I have said I have the two wires from the aux cable in pins 5 and 6 and the black wire is not connected .So am I right in thinking I remove them and fit them in pins 37 and 38 and the ground wire in to pin 19 ? But it this part "5 and 6 L out and R out, twisted with pin 23 block C pin 6 audio ground " that I am not 100% sure about do I need more wires from these pins to the radio? thank you
  9. Thank you so much for that I will have a look as soon as it stops raining and see if I can finally sort it out
  10. First of all I am sorry for reviving an old thread but I am getting no where , my prob is a little different as in I have a 2007 fusion I have retrofitted a sony/ford dab radio out of a kuga and a Bluetooth module and mic from a fiesta and all works fine .I managed to get a8M5T-19C112-AM and had the same prob as a few others I could see the songs streaming from my phone I could call people but had no sound at all .Anyway I managed to find out the two audio cables of the aux plug had to go to pin 5 and 6 on the modules wiring that gave me sound but it sounds bad as if only some of the channels are there if that make sense? and I also have a bad alternator wine but no matter what pin I connect the earth wire to from the aux it cuts out the sound . I have no idea if or were my loop connector is if indeed I have one ,then on the first page of this thread I found "On the new wiring PIN 5, 6 , 19, 23, 37 and 38 must be occupied (these are the AUX-in wires). On the old wiring these Pins are not occupied" Does this mean I have to bridge /add more wires ???? can someone please explain this, my module wiring is 6S6T-14C007-AE if that helps Can someone please help me with this last part ? thank you
  11. so far I have managed to almost sort out the wiring I have connected the two audio wires from the aux socket to pins 5 and 6 on the blue connector that plugs in to the Bluetooth module but I do not know which pin I connect the earth wire to from the aux socket (I have bad alternator wine when listening via Bluetooth) . can anyone please help with this ? thank you
  12. I am sorry to revive a year old thread but I have a 8M5T-19C112-AM module and have no idea what type of connection that uses any idea lads ? thanks
  13. Managed to get hold of a 8M5T-19C112-AM module but I am not sure what type of connection it uses ie usb , mini usb ect any ideas ? thanks
  14. Thank you I will have to give them a ring fingers crossed , it is not the end of the world as the radio works I think the top of the range fusions come with the same radio
  15. Upgraded the radio to a sony ford dab 6 disc radio but now I have no radio information on the lcd screen , is there anyway I can get this to work ? it was fine when I had the old standard cd/radio in it