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  1. Thanks paulkp I have managed to find an adaptor for the car and the radio, I can listen to a cd so I do not think I need an amp am I right in thinking the sony has its own power for the dab radio ? I hope to get the parts this week so fingers crossed
  2. Ok gang before I start I want to say I googled and looked at the how to pages on here but still can not find what I want .I managed to get a ford/sony dab radio out of a kuga . As I am sure you are aware the fusion aerial connector is just a round plug ,but the the aerial connections on the back of the radio are black and white jacks . Please tell me there is an adaptor I can get for my car
  3. I need to update my radio and would love to keep it standard but I do need Bluetooth at the least so I wondered what is the best ford/sony radio I could fit ? I have fitted audio controls and it would be nice if the Bluetooth module wiring would be there as well . One last thing can the newer shape sony radios be adapted to fit the square facia of the mk6 thanks
  4. Hello all just brought a 2007 1.4 tdi zetec climate and will start by changing the wheels , then the radio then loads of other stuff so stand by for loads of questions .First one being what is the best size of tyre/wheel to fit to the fusion?
  5. Hello everyone first post I have been looking at a fusion 2, 2005 1.4 for £995.00 MANUAL,PETROL 2 KEYS LOADS OF HISTORY FULL MOT 70000 miles can I ask if you think that it is worth the money ? I have never had one before so I am not sure what sort of money they go for and secondly looking at the pictures I can not see any audio controls near the steering wheel .If it is not fitted is it possible to retrofit one ? thank you