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  1. Fiesta Mk7 leaking boot

    That's not true, Cyprus is LHD and if not mistaken so is Malta? And the range in Cyprus is different as well, here we get Titanium only in 1.6, true, yet also only in 5-door while the 3-doors are only Zetec S models (called Sport here) or commercial van versions. Also Titanium and Zetec-S specifications are somewhat different from UK versions - for example we don't get Ford Start as standard yet the Sport/Zetec-S model is available in all colors minus Hot Magenta ;)
  2. My Frozen White Mk7 Fiesta Zetec S Detailed

    looks brilliant, this is exactly how i imagine my future Fiesta to be like :-)
  3. Pink is here!!

    Finally i got to see how a Titanium with the sports kit looks like in Hot Magenta - looks great :-) Congrats and i hope you enjoy it!
  4. Titanium vs Zetec S

    Actually all reviews minus one (i think from autocar or CAR) said the Zetec-S is the most fun version of the new Fiesta and that it feels great. Suspension is supposed to be a bit stiff since its tuned for sporty handling. Power is the same, yes
  5. Titanium vs Zetec S

    I know this might not help you but in my country (Cyprus) the Zetec-S is actually cheaper than the Titanium (Zetec-S is around 13.300 euros while the Titanium costs 14.150 euros). The Titanium does not come with the Start button though, yet everything else is there. Unfortunately here we only get the Titaniums in 5-door guise
  6. Titanium vs Zetec S

    From a visual standpoint i would say definitely the Titanium X. It looks even sportier than the Zetec-S yet even classier i think. But the Zetec-S is my choice cause its the sportier car to drive and i think it is a bit more fun.
  7. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    I think you need to be a member to access that page
  8. Frosty in the Flesh

    Your car is just perfect! Those wheels are stunning and really add to the overall look x10. I also love the silver dial housings
  9. Questions regarding Zetec-S colors

    I agree word by word. You really need to see it in the metal and indeed the previous photo did not do it any justice at all
  10. Questions regarding Zetec-S colors

    I think Squeeze and Hot Magenta look both classy and flashy - perhaps a sub-category?lol :P
  11. Questions regarding Zetec-S colors

    I disagree, i think it looks fantastic in 5-door Titanium trim. its one of those colors that you need to see in person to make up your mind IMO
  12. Questions regarding Zetec-S colors

    I think you mean Spa? I love Spa as well, especially in Titanium trim, it looks classy and very upmarket. I agree with you about silver as well, looks very classy as well. That's the cool thing about the MK7 Fiesta, there are colors which make the car look premium and classy, others which make it look boy-racer sporty and some which give it an understated yet elegant/serious look..so colors for every taste unlike many other German brands that mostly look good in whites and reds yet look totally boring in dark colors. Btw has anyone seen the new photos of the 3-door VW Polo? What a snooze...
  13. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    If your car is the one pictured in your avatar or close to it i would say you made an EXCELLENT choice so no regrets ;)
  14. Questions regarding Zetec-S colors

    Thanks mate i would love to see photos although to be honest i have seen Titianium cars in Squeeze, both in real life and in many photos and indeed they look stunning. I have seen a couple in Zetec-S trim which, IMO, still look fantastic but not as great without the chrome you mentioned. I think the main reason why i will probably skip Squeeze for the Zetec-S is that perhaps its a bit too flashy for me and because in Cyprus the weather can get VERY hot i somehow get the impression that a white or silver colored car will remain more cool? I even thought of black (+ getting the chrome bits) but that will get dirty very easily because there is a lot of dirt here during summer plus black cars become easier targets for kids with keys :P I thought about red as well but to be frank i am a bit disappointing that Ford is still only offering the non-metallic Colorado Red. If they had an option for a shiny, metallic Alfa Romeo - like red the car would have looked even better.
  15. Questions regarding Zetec-S colors

    I'm leaning more towards white as well. Silver is just as brill for me but perhaps i can save some money from the metalic paint and put it towards purchasing the wheels. As someone else already said though the Fiesta is one of those rare cars that look fantastic in every color - this is great yet at the same time it makes picking a color a lot harder, lol. I do feel that in the event that i won't be able to get the 17" wheels i will settle for the silver though cause i don't think white looks as special with the standard Zetec-S wheels as much as silver does :P