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  1. I pulled the fuse on a mk8 and a powered obd device would not communicate with the car to reprogramme some of the functions.
  2. On my camera the wires are in a line with a "1" on one end and a "6" on the other end. Are you sure it's a genuine Ford camera?
  3. Got exact paint ordered to spray the used tailgate trim that came with the camera. Here's the finished product inside.
  4. Very happy, thanks. Only issue now is finding the correct paint match for the new trim pieces.
  5. Sorted! Had to disable the parking sensors and the rear view camera. Then enable the camera and the sensors in that order. Now I get the camera displaying together with the bleeps from the sensors. Also get the block pattern together with the reactive steering lines. I think the blocks might be dependent on the sensors?
  6. All working, but I had to disable the factory fitted reversing sensors (in Forscan) for the camera to show up on the screen. Unlike my Focus (Sync 3) which shows both a camera rear view and a reversing sensors image at the same time. Anyone else had this conflict?
  7. Thanks. When you say screen, do you mean the shield of strands that enclose the cable? And, if so, do you gather up all the strands and connect to pin 6 on the camera? I'm using good quality twin core and shield. Sorry to ask such basic questions, but I'm a little confused by the terms "shield" and "ground".
  8. Thanks so much. I found the plug, but it seems I only have 2 of the three wires from the screen - 14 (brown) and 15 (orange) are present but 16 is not. Please see my photo. Does that mean a camera won't work?
  9. Hi, I'm trying to find the C237 connector on my 2015 ZS. As others have said, it starts from the green connector on the back of my 5inch screen and then disappears into a loom behind the radio head unit. Do I have to remove the radio dash, head unit, etc to get to it? Any help much appreciated.
  10. Joined the club not so long ago, although I've owned Fords all my life - capri, escort, etc, and more lately, focuses and a fiesta. Just bought a mk3 RS, which I'm slowly modifying with internal carbon fibre, engine/transmission upgrades and badges. I've booked a space on the stand at the FF so hope to see some of you then. Phil