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  1. tootles

    Disklok size for ST

    Rs components sell something similar,not stainless steel but plastic not sure if it's what you're looking for but here's the link.
  2. tootles

    Ford Fiesta splitter

    Have a look on ceuk Kieran they have a few different front splitters on there for the mk7 fiesta. also try TRC they also do a few splitters . TRC are based in Kimbolton and will fit it for you for a few quid if you don't fancy doing it yourself.
  3. The regional identifiers for north London Stanmore are showing as LK,LL,LM,LN,LO,LP,LR,LS,LT guessing it will be one of them.
  4. tootles

    Your Fiesta

    My 2017 st
  5. tootles


    too lazy to do a build thread,just some before and after pics.
  6. tootles


    Apologies for the slow reply Micky,only just seen this. The blue footwell lights were from autobeam. You can also get them from ceuk Hope this helps.