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  1. have a look at this post,pretty sure it's the bit you're talking about.
  2. not sure if this is any use to you looks like it might have a wiring diagram in it.that's if it's the right model truck and not the van.
  3. i was wondering if anyone else has recieved an e-mail regarding the changes to ford etis due to the introduction of general data protection regulations. here's a few of the changes that will include 1) A new Registration Process for existing and new Independent Operators. 2) Updated FordEtis online Terms & Conditions. 3) Updated FordEtis Privacy Policy 4) Ongoing access for Independent Operators that require EU5 Security Accreditation access The New Registration Process All existing and new users will require a Legal Representative (LR). A LR is the person that takes legal responsibility for the actions of the business and its Employees, as far as GDPR regulations for FordEtis are concerned (e.g. the dealer principal/general manager). The Legal Representative will be responsible for registering the business and its Employees in FordEtis Online. New Terms & Conditions The Legal Representative (LR) must have the authority to legally bind their business and Employees to the FordEtis online new Terms & Conditions (T&C’s). The LR will be responsible for the registration of Employees, creating and maintaining their Employees anonymised use of FordEtis Online. by the looks of it i will no longer be able to use fordetis,there's a few things i find etis quite useful as an st owner i check it quite reguraly to see if there's any updated field service actions regarding the coolant recall issues. sound's like the average joe will no longer be able to use it .
  4. here's a you tube video on the subject. if it was my money and my choice out of the two i would go for the peron stg1+ ,you seem to get more for your money over the mountune upgrade.i ran the mp215 upgrade for a while on my st and to be honest i thought it was bit a underwhelming for the money i paid.but it was ford approved on the warranty front so maybe you pay a bit more for piece of mind.
  5. or just buy a faraday pouch from e-bay or amazon.
  6. I run the cp2 map on my fiesta st and i'd definitely recommend Collins,cp2 is a good map with a decent power and torque level increase without being too over the top. I've ran the cp2 for about 7k with similar mods,(mountune front mount intercooler,mountune cat backexhaust, mountune airbox)no problems or issues just a better driving experience the cars much more responsive and pulls a lot better than the mp215 map i had on it previously.i used the collins i flash to remap mine so i can't really comment on what it's like going to collins hq.
  8. wind deflectors you'll find loads of gel badge overlays on ebay as well.
  9. tootles


    if you do decide to use autobeam type in mystery as a discount code and you'll get a mystery discount between 5 and 20% off.
  10. There's plenty of mist style jets for sale on Ebay or you can pop into a local ford dealer and get them from there. or if your feeling flush paintmodz do them painted.
  11. if it's an annual auto renewal you don't get the choice to say yes/no it just takes the money out automatically like a direct debit would,you might get sent an e-mail saying the renewal is due but most company's/business's won't bother and just send you an e-mail saying subscription renewed.
  12. i know you can turn off the auto renewal through paypal,not sure whether there's a tick box you check/uncheck when you fill in your details when signing up. I've had to do it a few times myself when signing up to premium memberships for Strava and Veloviewer both cycling apps that don't really make it clear that it's an auto renewal.(or maybe I've not noticed a check box or read it through enough) to cancel auto renewal on paypal log in and click on settings(cog icon top right) click on payments click on pre arranged payments it should show active pre arranged payments click on the one you want to stop and click cancel. not sure if that's any use,but that's how you turn off auto subscriction on paypal if there's no other option.
  13. if you click on your profile the membership number is in the task bar thing. this is mine my membership number is 86585. it will also be on the welcome letter.
  14. don't think there's many options available at the minute for a mk8 st line, i know Aitrec do one. might be worth waiting to see what the Revo,Mountune or ITG one's are like. be guessing they would be testing or developing them.
  15. I've seen that Nissan sunny at ultimate stance,didn't get any pics of it but there's a few here from fast car mag to show how bonkers it looks.