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  1. Found the fault, the block connector for the dash under the passenger side was loose. So glad i checked them over before i took it into ford 😁
  2. This issue has now become permanent. i have removed clocks and checked wiring same with the stereo amd clack display. All fuses i could find have been checked. Any help at all would be greatfully appreciated!
  3. Hi i have a 2014 focus estate edge with an electrical fault where now and then the clocks and the stereo will shut down. Everything else will still work and it has been intermittent for a months but it is getting worse. Anyone had the same problem with fords or could maybe suggest a possible fault? This is an ex-police car so the wiring in the dash had been modded to accomidate their equipment previously. Thanks in advance 😁
  4. Hi i have just bought a Focus Edge with no stereo, the fascia and the small screen above are there just no guts behind it. Do i need the specific model for that fascia or could i use one from say for instance a fiesta? (This is the type of stereo that is a seperate unit to the fascia) simular to the one in the pic
  5. Hi all, i recently bought a mk2 focus, i had to replace the alternator a few mo ths ago due to a dodgy charge connection inside. About a month later my battery light came on while i was stuck in traffic so i stopped the car straight away and checked the battery etc over and everything is fine and charging as it should. I have plugged in a code reader and its not showing any codes, ive checked all the fuses i can find and all are good. I dont really want to pay an auto electrician of ford garage if i can help it.
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