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  1. To Lower Fiesta Zetec S Mk6?

    I had mine lowered using the eibach kit, 30-35mm. Had no problems, and the car drove much better. L
  2. New Fiesta Front Tyre Wear

    Managed to get 20k out of my Bridgestone's that were on the front, rears are still good at 30k replaced fronts with Michelins about 5mm left. Michelins grip a lot better but the Bridgestones felt better Michelins sometimes feel very understeery, although that could be because they allow you to carry more speed into the corner due to their higher levels of grip.
  3. if its running at least its doing its job, i would be more worried if it wasnt coming on when i was sat it traffic. how do you notice the fan when your not stuck in traffic though
  4. Zetec S Body Kit Too Low?

    they must be monster speed bumps!! was the car new? if not sure something hasn't been changed by the previous owner? to lower it. never scrapped by front bumper on anything i believe it even misses those high curbs in car parks etc..
  5. Traction control on slushy inclines

    you would certainly be better off in a front wheeldrive car in the snow than a 4x4 in most cases. my zs never had any issues with the sludge and snow. dont need chains not enough snow if you really need to get somewhere get a set of winter tyres and you will have no problems. thats if the next winter is anything like this last one.
  6. Need A New Bumper:@

    hey mate, sorry to hear about the damage. its not nice when they just drive away! however, i do believe that there is only a moondust silver available for the fiesta.
  7. Hi

    hi welcome, great sounding car, hope you enjoy it :) actually now that you said you got the car from gk group i think thats the car they built for me ( long story ). enjoy it:) great spec.
  8. Some Pics Of My Fezza

    what he said. lol
  9. Just Thought I Would Say Hello

    Hi, Welcome. thats a nicely specced car you've gone for. Is it the newer 95ps tdci engine you've ordered though? if so how have you managed to get the street pack with it? cheers lee
  10. Mk 7 Zetec Lowered On 50Mm H&r's

    looking good, what wheels are those?
  11. Ouch! The Next Batch Of Damaged New Cars...

    wow you are a very very very lucky man, go put a lottery ticket on!
  12. raspy's been sold!!

    wow looks stunning mate :) wish i could afford one ! where did you get your tints done?
  13. My Zetec S Has Landed!

    car sounds great, get some pictures up asap. Do you have any details of the alarm that you've had fitted? cheers L
  14. Pictures Of New Zs

    that is one very very nice looking car :) i will have one please!
  15. Pictures Of New Zs

    great looking car mate! :)