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  1. Imagine this I am sat in my car and there is an armed police officer tapping on my window with the barrel of his gun. I go for the ignition to turn it another click because the car is stupid like that and he shoots me. Its a serious matter it should work properly. In my last car I had to fool the BCM with resistors so that the "one shot" would work on all the windows even though they didn't have Anti-trap. But I made that car do as it was told.
  2. NO! I want it to work properly like my BMW did. I don't want to be doing 2 things to drop a window. I won't be playing that game.
  3. I lost interest when it had me shouting at the stupid radio. So why can't I use the windows "When I want to" ? when I am sat in it? Like I keep saying for a common car why is everything so hard?
  4. *NOW THIS IS INTERESTING* Just watched a YouTube video of an ST with GLOBAL opening and closing and............. Mine has it????????? With no key in the ignition even and from outside the car the windows work from long pressing the "open and close buttons". WTF??????
  5. It has 4 windows all with "one shot". I wouldn't have thought that windows were a CANbus item. Suppose I could check that by just removing the fuse now to see if the car complains about it?
  6. I would guess then that they can not be coded. So I am thinking this.....the windows are on their own 25amp fuse. There is a spare 20amp fuse for the boot auxiliary which I would guess is live all the time like the front auxiliary.(I will check it with a circuit tester when the piggy's arrive) So I am thinking that if I got 2 piggy-back fuses and spliced them together then set in the right direction in the fuse holders I can put 20amp fuses in both and it should chooch!
  7. I sit in my car with my ignition on the first click for the radio and want to talk to someone, and the windows don't work it annoys the hell out of me having to turn the ignition the full way. I usually end up opening the door and feeling like a ***** because I have forgotten. Failing coding I would have thought I could use a piggy-back fuse from a first click item to energise the window fuse as well.?????????
  8. Trillionz

    My cars previous owner is keeping me busy. :(

    The car I just sold had a piggy-back fuse and an extra auxiliary socket that I fitted but I couldn't be bothered to take it off for this car so I am just using the the standard auxiliary. I push it in when I set off and pull it out when I put the car in the garage. Sometimes I leave it running when I leave the car just in case something happens. Its no hardship. Got another in the centre console. Got satnav and Bluetooth phone all built in. All the cable but for about 6" is hidden,it runs just under the rubber seal to the top NS corner of the windscreen. I couldn't get it up near the mirror because it is all dimpled and wouldn't grip.
  9. I am currently sat here wondering what a squirt of WD40 would do it to..............
  10. Finally something I have done to this car has worked! Went out last night around the country roads near me,stop starting and going swiftly through the gears and it is a lot smoother. As it was before I would pull out on a large roundabout and it would go through 3 gears before I was in lane, changing up at 1.8k revs. As lumpy as hell. It is now holding the gears until 2,8k revs. The average MPH and the average MPG were reset. It feels like my car now.
  11. NOT FIXED After a huge amount of condensation cleared, the misting like an electrical burn has returned. It is like that Wilto but without the darker patches.
  12. I did a disconnect today, it held the trip mileage that my old car used to loose. Had to put the radio code in will take it out later when its quieter for a good hoon about.
  13. It looked like sun degradation only it was inside the headlight. Swapping my LED sidelight bulbs out for my third pair this month I thought I would have a go at it and squirted glass cleaner through the the larger headlight opening next to it after removing the cover. I kept it face-down and held it above my head and swished the liquid around on the mark until it disappeared. I then poured some de-ionised water in and swished it about the same and then tipped it to the pointy end where the rubber drain hose is and got it all out. That is the stage I am at............ SO DO NOT TRY IT YET! The headlight is full of condensation so I will run around with my lights on for a bit and see what happens but for now it is gone.
  14. Trillionz

    Led Side Light Bulb Replacement Pain

    I am on my third pair of LED's in month whilst I experiment and mine do not seem to twist in either direction,they just push in really tight.
  15. My car is a 2009 and the nav disc is also 2009 so how is it that new roads are on it and how does it get traffic updates? It is this unit in mine:-