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  1. Just realised I probably need to keep my question simple. Dies anyone know how to remove or fit a power folding mirror. Without damaging further, I can't see any screw cclips to remove it/re attach to door. Thanks
  2. I've discovered today that someone has either hit my passenger side wing mirror or leaned on it. Ford Focus Titanium Estate 2014 It's the electric folding type which still folds ok but is hanging out of the plastic plate where it's fixed to the door. Im hoping it can just pop back in but can't see to do this successfully without risk of czusing more damage. Does anyone have knownledge of how these are fixed or even fitted so can check underneath to see if anything is snapped. Thanks
  3. Broken USB port

    Thanks Have removed the plastic plate and the usb connection is broken. I think someone has forced a plug into it and mangled the connection at some point. There is a Line In socket for audio next to it which is probably fine. I guess I need a new lead but it doesnt look standard. Does anyone know where I can get one?
  4. Broken USB port

    Thanks for the replies. I've discovered that this part is called the 'media hub' and there are parts available but not sure if this is the plastic cover rather than electronic connection. I can't see a way of removing the hub but will unscrew the whole centre console and see if I can fix with a solder which is probably cheaper.
  5. Broken USB port

    Sorry should have said, the USB socket is within the centre console storage area.
  6. Broken USB port

    Hi there, I've just purchased a Ford Focus diesel estate MK3. Titanium Within the centre armrest storage area (between the 2 front seats), there is a USB and Aux in socket bay. The USB port seems to be wrecked. Can you get a replacement part for this, does anyone know? Thanks.