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  1. Hi Guys, have had the Manual and Service Booklet stolen from My 06 Plate Focus Zetec recently, any idea where I can order a new one? - Would it have to be straight from ford?
  2. Hi Guys, I just bought a 57 plate fiesta ST, wonderd if anyone can reccomend an after market stereo for upto £200? - Is it a case of taking out old stereo and just plugging in new stereo? Or is it more complicated to get steering wheel controls etc working? I have fitted aux in to my g/f 2006 focus, by drilling hole in glovebox etc, but thats as technical as i get!!
  3. Stereo Advice

    Hi guys, just bought a 57 plate fiesta ST, not picked it up yet, forgot to really check out the stereo, anyone knwo what type of stereo it comes with and if it plays MP3 cds?, is it easy enought to replace and still have steering controls work? I presume I will need a double din unit to replace it? Is it just as easy as taking out factory fitted one and replacing with a new one... Will I need to buy a few leads from Ford? Thanks for any advice...
  4. thanks for the help, I presume the e-bay link is the correct keys?
  5. HI , hope you can help, I need to remove my CD 6000 from an 06 focus zetec. I have read to use 4 keys that you can get from ebay such as http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Ford-Double-DIN-Headunit-Radio-Removal-Keys-PC5-132-x2_W0QQitemZ250517727327QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Audio_TV_Electronics_In_Car_Entertainment_GPS_In_Car_Audio_Players_PP?hash=item3a5405285f Or get the four keys from a ford dealer. However I have also read on here that you can remove the fascia and unscrew four screws to remove it, which is correct? Thanks in advance for your help. (the stereo I have has the volume dial in the middle) I need to remove it to fit the Aux in feature..