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  1. Cheers Guys.Heres the electrics plug sockets on the backs of the lamps.The square one is for mine which is a Ghia by the way.The oval one with more pins is the one that won’t fit
  2. Stoney,facelift lights? Are these aftermarket or something or just a later Ford modification?
  3. So guys. Needed a new drivers side Ford Focus Mk1 headlight.This has arrived.Please can anyone tell Me what I have? Fits perfectly but different wiring on the back.Original has plug with 5 pins this needs an oval one with 7.Thoughts please? Top is the one bottom is correct original
  4. Cheers Guys.Looks like it will be the proper tool!
  5. Hi Guys.Im going to change front pads.I expect to have to push pistons a long way back into the Caliper to make room.What size G clamp will I need to push the piston back in.Small as 3” or big as 12”?Thanks
  6. Ahh Thanks.Thats interesting to hear.
  7. Cheers Guys. Good I was thinking cast metal is cast metal isn’t it? Maybe buy cheaper discs and get more expensive pads is the way to go I’m thinking?
  8. Hi Guys.Some very cheap ones on the bay and Euro car parts (Eicher). Are they any good?I do 4000 miles a year. Just wondered if they were a bit too cheap.
  9. Hi Guys.What is this Focus ? Saw it today and never seen one like it. Export model? Maybe anniversary or limited edition?
  10. Excellent Thank You Guys! 1.0mm it is then!
  11. Hi Guys got some NGK TR5A-10s.Please can tell Me the correct gap in metric? Not sure if it’s 1.00mm or 1.3mm. I’ve seen both suggested.
  12. Cheers.Not seen that kit before.Will check it out.