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  1. Hi Can anyone confirm please if they are made aware by the "Caution" message when approaching a speed camera and you are on the phone in mid conversation? I seem to recall that previously whilst I have been on the phone (through the car) and have been approaching a speed camera, that I still get the "Caution" voice message and the telephone conversation is temporarily dubbed out. Is this correct? If so can anyone advise me how this is done, as I seem to have pressed a button or done something, as I only get the "caution" voice alert message when I am not on the phone. Surely it would be more beneficial if you were on the phone? Thank you
  2. Ok, further to my previous post... We have now found the following code, reported by diagnostics: UP0073 IPC Instrument Panel Control Module I understand from browsing the web that this indeed can cause "lack of power", but need to know how to resolve this fault, and how serious it is! One possible connection is that about 4 weeks ago during a service we found the washer motor (for the front windscreen wipers) had completely burnt out, and am wondering whether this has had an impact on neighboring wires/electrics? Thank you in advance Sue
  3. 6th gear is normally fine going up a hill. Normally it has no problems. But yes had the coolant pipe done a couple of years back.
  4. The past month or so we have been experiencing problems with our Ford Focus 125 Ecoboost (2013) in that you are casually cruising along and then there is this very slight jolt and then a noticeable loss of power - particularly "turbo" power. An example was driving up a hill today, on a dual carriageway in the outside lane (overtaking), 6th gear, when I suddenly felt this jolt, and it seemed like the turbo just cut out and it felt like an old banger trying to get up a steep hill, where you have your foot to the floor but there is no power. I didn't do this of course but found myself pulling back in behind the car I was trying to overtake. This has happened on a number of occasions (in particular on this hill which I have to tackle every day) and we have just had the car MOT'd and serviced and for which they found no problems. Is this the turbo failing or more importantly breaking? It seems very sporadic and prior to today hadn't happened for maybe a week? Any help/advice much appreciated.