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  1. LJAM

    Reversing camera BARGAIN!

    would it work with the 2014 mk7.5 dashboard?
  2. How would I fit it?
  3. Hi all, I am wanting to invest in an induction kit for my mk7.5 1.0 fiesta. However, I don't know where I can buy one and how to fit it. I would be very grateful if someone could reccomend a good induction kit to buy and perhaps a link to a tutorial on fitting it or any advice on how to go about fitting it. Thankyou in advance!
  4. Hi, So I recently ordered the standard upgrade kit off of the autobeam wesbite for my 2014 Zetec S fiesta. I managed to fit all of the lights that come with the kit except my main beam lights. It seemd that the main beams in my zetec s was the same as the ST ones rather than the mk7.5’s. I don’t really have no clue and was wandering if anyone could inform me. I’ve attached some pictures of my original lights and the ones I’ve ordered. TIA
  5. Do you have a link to where you bought this?
  6. LJAM

    AutoBeam lights

    Ok cheers mate
  7. LJAM

    AutoBeam lights

    Thanks mate!
  8. LJAM

    AutoBeam lights

    Hi looking for a quick reply as I need to order some new lights ASAP as one of mine has broken. So does anyone know what the Dipped and Full beam lights in the 'Standard upgrade kit' (See link) look like. Im looking to get a white light from it as my car is ice white and i want the light to match + I much prefer it to the yellow/orange standard. https://autobeam.co.uk/collections/fiesta-mk7-5-2013-2017/products/full-upgrade-kit-3 TIA, Luke
  9. LJAM

    Buying New Lights!

    HI! So, ive decided to upgrade my lights for my car and am stuck between going with autobeam or CEUK. At the moment CEUK are coming out cheaper yet im finding it confusing as to what type of kit to buy: https://www.carenhancementsuk.co.uk/collections/x-ceuk-lighting-full-kits/products/mk7-st-full-upgrade-kit?variant=6439865843742 https://www.carenhancementsuk.co.uk/products/mk7-5-fiesta-full-kit-bulb-drl-main-beam So one has a 'Bulb DLR' and the other has a 'daytime running LED strip'. Could anyone help me an tell me which link to buy for my 2014 mk7.5 1l ecoboost? + Should i go with the iced white h7 halogen or pay a bit more for LED h7 dipped lights? ++ It says there is only one interior light included in these links yet i believe my car has a front and back interior light? TIA, Luke
  10. LJAM

    Debadge - Opinions?

    Could you send a link to where you bought the pinstripe?
  11. Hi, SO I was wondering if anybody could help/link me to any information on how to fit a cosmetic exhaust tip onto my fiesta as the exhaust pipe is angled, and if anyone knows what specifically an air filter/induction kit would do and whether it would make the noise sound better/louder? Regards, Luke
  12. LJAM

    Need some help :)

    Thanks you both for the replies. Great help :)
  13. LJAM

    Need some help :)

    Hi all, SO... I have a 2014 zetec s and was wondering if someone could answer/help me with a couple of my questions. Firstly, I would like to get an exhaust tip for cosmetic reasons but I have noticed that the stock exhaust is slightly angled and I'm wondering where I could buy good looking cap as well as how I could install it?? Secondly, I bought the car from an auction and have noticed that the speakers have a sort of rattle sound while I'm driving along and when I'm playing music through them. Does this mean they are blown and where should I go to fix it? Thirdly, I want to get new lights for my car both interior and exterior and something to go with the colour of the car (white) can anyone recommend/send a link to some? Lastly, I have heard that fiestas are nicked ALL the time and was wondering how I would change the OBD port or whether I should just invest in a disklock? Regards, Luke
  14. LJAM

    Insurance for my 2014 1ltr Zetec S

    Thankyou all for the replies. I’ve got a quote from a company called Woop, which offered me a black box at £1430 with an excess of £750. Do you think this is a good deal? Never really heard of the company myself but I’ve had a few recommendations for it? Kind regards; luke
  15. Hi all, So I'm a 17-year-old lad and I passed my test today (hooray) apart from the fact that I am trying to find an insurance company that will offer me a quote without a black box! As a couple of my mates (including one with the 140bhp version ST line fiesta) havn't got a box. I don't mind paying over £2000 for it, yet most places ive called have all said they will only offer a black box. Does anyone know any good insurance companies I could try or perhaps black boxes which are more lenient? regards, Luke