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  1. Hi Will a radiator pack and from a 1.0 ecoboost fit a 1.25? Only from looking from pictures they look very similar in terms of placement but obviously the 1.25 doesn’t have a intercooler. thanks ben
  2. Thank you for replying Thats what I feared it’s really difficult to find a faclifted pack but there are loads of pre facelifted
  3. Hi I have stupidly purchased a mk7.5 fiesta studio as a car to repair and resell. I am in need of the rad pack (so radiator/ crash bar etc). I am coming across loads of rad packs for mk7 pre facelifted cars but all of the mk7.5’s are 1.0 ecoboosts which do not fit and on top of that I don’t need an intercooler/ ac etc. Does anyone know if the radiator pack is different between the mk7 and the mk7.5 as the 1.25 engine was carried over between generations. (I know the bonnet is slightly different so that could be a problem Thanks
  4. Hi I sold my 2015 fiesta 7.5 last year with 67,000miles on it. Mine was a 1.0 turbo but it was still going strong. All of say is make sure the gearbox isn’t making any weird sounds and is going into gear easily as the 5 speeds are literally made out of tracing paper. With the 1.6 not having the same amount of torque as the 1.0 might have the gearbox tbh. As for the 1.6 I can’t really say anything about but I think it’s pretty much the same engine that was used in the fiesta mk6 and focus mk2 so it’s a pretty durable engine (don’t quote me on that) but yeah in the U.K. a mk7.5 with the 1.6 is a rare find. They’re good cars but as you said havnt got the reliability of the Japanese cars (but imo are far more enjoyable to own) Hope this somewhat helps
  5. Have you got a dash cam or something like that because my 155 started discharging all the time , the battery seems a tad weak compared to my older 1.0 mk7.5
  6. Yeah I e had mine for about a month now it’s great I don’t know how much faster compared to the 140 as I had a 100 before. There is a tad of lag but the the power kicks in especially in third it is great on the motorway and loves higher speeds..... fuel efficiency is a tad questionable though as I’m only getting 43mpg
  7. Brilliant mate glad it worked but yeah a nice easy hour or so and for so much cheaper than buying them from Ford
  8. I’ve got a 155 hybrid fiesta and I think it’s a pretty solid buy the gear ratios are different to the 125 so it doesn’t feel as fast of the line but on a motorway it is very very good I would recommend
  9. Sorry for the delay my car was a fiesta 1.0 ecoboost zetec 2015/65 model without a single option on it
  10. Yeah absolutely mid range is what you need when you are normally driving I do plan on on doing a few times with it (once it’s run in properly)- I couldn’t say compared to the older 140hp because I had a 100 before but they definitely are longer
  11. Your welcome wish you luck with your replacement, yeah the 100s are really not bad at all it was surprising
  12. Yes for 153hp the 0-60 time is shocking slow but that is due to the long gearing but boy is it good once you are at speed. Taking 4 adults in it was absolutely fine (but this is comparing to a 100ps from before keep in mind), I havnt yet encountered any hills that could cause a lot of pain though , but yes it mid range acceleration feels far stronger than its of the line acceleration you will happily accelerate to 85+ on sliproads
  13. Yep I picked my 155ps fiesta up up last week. Very strong engine but it’s feels stronger at higher speeds (probably due to the gearing) but it feels every bit better compared to my older 100ps (and it’s 2 seconds quicker between 30-50 in third so it’s great for quick overtakes even if there is a tad of lag which is a bit annoying considering the electrical assistance but once it goes it really does go), fuel economy isn’t brilliant at the moment around town I’m getting 35 mpg and haven't really taken it on the motorway frequently enough to get an accurate measure. But if you can afford it I would definitely recommend it.
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