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  1. BJT

    Ideas for mods

    I used spray paint on mine and it has stuck nicely and I have had it on them for just under a year and travel long distances every day. Another way which would be power coating which will look even better but is far more expensive.
  2. BJT

    Mk 8 Removing fog light covers

    The best place to go is in the wheel arch behind where the fog lights are positioned. There will be 3 screws undo them and then pull the wheel arch cover you’ll be able to see the fog light bulb then you can replace them.
  3. BJT

    Ideas for mods

    You could paint the wheels black and buy the ST rear spoiler which will give the car a better stance than the regular Zetec even on its standard suspension.
  4. BJT

    Cornering Lights

    Yeah it’s a bit of a pain but managed to replace my brothers fog lights without moving the wheel we had a bit of a problem with the one further in the wheel arch as said make sure the wheel is turned to lock and then when ***** the bolts out use a bit of strength to twist them. I think you will need a T20 torqes star tool
  5. BJT

    2015 Fiesta Fuse

    Thanks mate that been really helpful.
  6. BJT

    2015 Fiesta Fuse

    I have brought and plugged into the fuse box autobeam’s ambient lighting however the fuse that it is in will only turn the lights on when the ignition is turned on. Are there any fuses that will turn them on when I unlock the car? Also is the fuse for the 12v socket always live or will it turn off after a certain amount of time? Thanks
  7. BJT

    Cornering Lights

    They still fade in and out but not quite as smoothly if that makes sense.
  8. BJT

    Cornering Lights

    Also you should be fine with the MOT I have had LED lights fitted to my fog lights and it passed
  9. BJT

    Power folding mirrors ?

    It is possible as I have done it on my 2015 Fiesta and replaced them myself which was easy enough to do. The mirrors cost me £80 and 20 for the control panel and then I used forscan to activate them. He will be looking at around £100 if he going to retrofit them himself.
  10. BJT

    Should I go for 1.0 EB?

    I have a 2015 Fiesta Ecoboost (100) which I have put on 43500 miles in that time and the engine has been fine and I do 140 mile trips 4of of the 7 days. I would recommend it over the naturally aspirated 1.1(for the mk8) or the na 1.0 80hp and the 1.25 (mk7.5) because it is soooo much easier to get up to speed and stay at speed especially if you are doing regular motorway journeys.
  11. BJT

    HID headlights

    Ok Thanks guys for the guidance
  12. BJT

    HID headlights

    Hi does anyone have any experience using either Autobeams H7 HID dipped beam bulb or CEUKS HID bulb. Also has anyone tried changing the dipped beam bulbs to HID in the New Fiesta MK8 as it uses a different bulb holder to the MK7. Thanks
  13. Great Thank you that is reassuring
  14. Ok thanks for the points my main concern was whether the engine will be able to take the increase in hp so I will look into the differences of the engines. as for it not being as quick as a real 140ps I don't mind even an extra 20hp will make the car feel a bit different.
  15. Hi I am wandering if I should remap my Fiesta 1.0 100ps . I have seen that bluefin superchips will remap to about 140hp. As Ford already sell a 140 hp version I would think that the engine will be able to take it. Also if I was to get it remapped would it be an idea to upgrade the cooling? Thanks