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  1. That’s what I was wondering because the 1.1 was only available on the style and zetec which I didn’t think the option was available however I think somone has managed to do it on a trend which to some point still had the 1.1 but yeah I think it’s strongly possible that that might be the reason why
  2. That’s what I was fearing . No it was more that if anyone had done the forscan programming if what I had some was correct
  3. Hi I am trying to retrofit cruise control onto a 67 plate fiesta zetec with the 1.1 non turbo engine however I cannot get the function to work The process I have done is 1 Change the steering wheel to one with the cruise button 2 change the bcm module to cruise control 3 Change the sccm module to the left hand manufacturer code that mat has the steering wheel left control 4Change the ipc to cruise control enabled However despite this the cruise control doesnt work however the limiter and every other button on the left side of the steering wheel.does . Has anyone done the process before or could it be that the wiring isnt there on the zetec or the non EcoBoost engine maybe?
  4. To get the screen like the one pictured you will need to buy the nav head unit, nav 5inch screen and gps module (usually won’t be sold with the rest of the stuff.) I did it about a year ago to my 2015 zetec by following a guide on this forum it wasn’t too difficult. there is a colour screen without sat nav and as far as I am aware all you will need is the screen but it is slightly smaller but still colour You will however have to get the car coded I used for scan to change the car preset screen size to the new one again not too difficult
  5. I got mine at 18 years old and it is a 100hp variant it will be plenty enough speed wise and safe enough to ensure he won’t crash it. I have had it for 3.5 years now and I love it but am now finding that I want something a bit more responsive as I am on the motorway a lot but I would recommend the 100hp for him
  6. the two stereos are the same and will work for your sat nav screen. just make sure you get a sony stereo that has the nav button as there are two different versions.
  7. Hi I am wandering whether anyone would know if it is possible to put the speakers from the new 2019 ford focus into a fiesta. I am looking to replace mine as they are starting to sound a bit overused. the manufacter number for the focuses speakers are JX7T-18808-cb. the sizes look similar and the plug looks the same if it is not possible how does the sony speakers sound compared to the ordinary ford speakers because I will go for them instead thanks
  8. you can get LED indicators from autobeam and they don't fast flash. my brother has them on his car and they look really good much better than the original halogen bulbs. no errors of fast flashing either
  9. BJT


    yeah as it was said above go to autobeam and get their led h7 bulbs I have them I my car and they are great. however you will need to remember to take them out for your MOT otherwise you will probably fail
  10. I have loved the car apart from at 30500 miles the entire gearbox failed which was very annoying because it just dropped out of warranty.
  11. I have a MK7.5 100ps and I do notice that there is a fair bit of lag when you press the accelerator. turbos for you. once it gets going though it fine then though
  12. Hi It should fit and (I think) work with the original screen. its not too hard to replace either.
  13. That’s really good I would like to retrofit heated leather seats but so far I havnt even got the seats haha