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    LED lights for MOT

    Hi My car has its first MOT next week and was wandering if I would need to take out my led light I put in from autobeam I have installed; Headlight dipped beam - I know this will have to come out Led indicators Led reverse lights Led brake lights Led numberplate lights Thanks
  2. Ok thanks I will try it anyway. I would have thought that they wouldn’t have had any wires there is the car didn’t come with the function because it would be a waste of money
  3. Hi I have wanted to retrofit cruise control onto my fiesta mk7.5 I have looked at my wire loom and it looks different to one other people have refitted there are the same amount of wires but instead of the left wire being white it is black. Would this still be possible Thanks
  4. BJT

    Cruise control

    My wire loom looks a bit different there are the same amount of wires but the white wire is black on my car. Would you know if it would still be possible?
  5. BJT

    Cruise control

    Hi I would like to retrofit Cruise control to my car as I do a lot of motorway driving. Would it be possible to use the cruise control buttons from a pre facelifted fiesta into a facelifted 2015 version.
  6. Hi how would you check if you can retrofit cruise control to your car. I know what I need to look for I just don’t know where the wire loom is located a step by step explanation would help Thanks
  7. BJT

    Spray point solution?

    Hi I have painted my mirror stems. I’m no professional but it turned out ok I think. I definitely looks better than the fading plastic though. Getting behind the mirror is going to be your biggest issue as it is quite tight. Also if your mirrors fold in then you will have to paint the bit of the base that becomes on show (I didn’t).
  8. BJT

    New Tweeters for mk7.5

    Yeah mine has the stock unit and the standard speakers. However they are worth a look Thanks
  9. Hi I was wandering what would be the best replacement for the front door tweeters in terms of sound quality Thanks
  10. BJT

    Cruise control

    You can use forescan to enable it. I’ve used it before for the sat nav and have seen the option for it
  11. BJT

    Cruise control

    No I haven’t do you know what I would need to look for
  12. BJT

    Cruise control

    Will that effect the operation of the cruise control
  13. BJT

    New Tweeters for mk7.5

    Yeah i yeah I plan to keep the car for a long time. I just don’t know which brand is the best for speakers. I don’t really want to spend a huge amount of money though.
  14. Hi I am selling the entire audio set up of my 2015 dab radio ( head unit, 4.2 blue screen , CD player, Dab module and aerial) because I retrofitted the sat nav. I have been asked by someone if the head if it would be compatible with a 2012 Fiesta pre facelift. I know that it would physically fit but as far as i am aware there is no Dab or Bluetooth in that car. Would someone confirm this for me please. Thanks
  15. Hi I was wandering if there is a way to make the exterior door panel plastic gloss black because the standard door panel is a dull grey and had quite a “cheap” look. Thanks
  16. BJT

    Gloss black Mk7.5 door panel

    I didn’t think you could take the plastic off on the mk7.5
  17. BJT

    Gloss black Mk7.5 door panel

    Yeah the plastic around the window. How long does it last before you would need to use the gloss again.
  18. BJT

    Sat nav programming

    Ok thanks guys
  19. BJT

    Sat nav programming

    Hi I have installed the 5” screen and the sat nav into my car and now I am trying to change the km to miles using forescan. I don’t know where to change the screen size to 5 instead of 4.2.
  20. BJT

    Automatic wipers

    Hi How easy is it to retrofit automatic wipers on a 2015 Fiesta zetec. what would I need to do it Thanks
  21. BJT

    Fiesta radio swap!

    As far as I am aware it should physically fit and connect together as the stereo is going from a pre facelift car into another pre facelift car. I don’t know about functions like the Bluetooth may not work after installation. I fitted a 2016 Nav unit into my 2015 car and everything fitted fine Hope this helps.
  22. BJT

    Boot lid opening

    Hi My brother has just got a mk8 Fiesta and we’ve noticed that the boot doesn’t open properly. I don’t know what to do about it. If you do go to the dealer post back what they say please.
  23. BJT

    GPS antenna location

    Mine only houses the rain sensor. However I can plug it in behind the dash Thanks