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  1. I'm afraid I don't know offhand, I took a "suck it and see" approach of starting with the finest & if it wasn't making much difference them went up a step. Main thing was after removing the corrosion to then work your way back down through finer grades to remove any marks in the metal. After the finest grade I used a Meguiars metal polish (green & blue tub).
  2. I replaced it with new stuff, purely because I figured it might do SOME sound deadening, and I'd hate to put it all together then find out I wanted it 😁 Figured for the price this stuff was ok: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/acoustic-insulation/8814557/
  3. I've not used rockwool, so can't comment on that, but this is the stuff I used to cut my new sections. I thought quite a reasonable price as you get both sides out of it plus some spare. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/acoustic-insulation/8814557/
  4. Out of interest, what changed with the calibration, and which actuator did you mean? EGR? Interested as I too have a 1.8 tdci 2009
  5. No idea if it would be similar, but my old Mondeo tdci used to do something similar with the engine warning light. With the engineer light off; Find a hill and drive up it with the engine in a higher gear than you'd usually use (so you have to have the pedal to the floor & the engine is having to work) and see if that provokes it. If so, for me, it was the injectors to blame, which I believe might have been affected by your turbo passing oil into the engine. Like I say, I don't know, just an educated guess based on my own experience.
  6. Just wanted to post to say thanks, found my 62 plate Focus soaked when I started trying to track an intermittent electrical fault. Ended up stripping the interior almost entirely, am the way forward to the polystyrene formers in the FRONT footwells! One hell of a job, but all dried, demoulded, freshener and put back together again 👍🏻 A few photos of my "journey" attached 😬 Mouldy side carpet in the boot, and traces of mould on the original sealant... Bungs out, lights & bumper off... At least the filth highlights the water path quite clearly! Carpet out and making the most of the sun... Naked interior ready for mould removal, treating & drying! Replacement sound material, I know plenty of people don't bother, but since I managed to buy some of the material I made some new using the old ones as templates. Fitted in nicely; Resealed vents; Even the headrest stems had tarnished from the damp! A few grades of wet & dry, and some metal polish got then back though (the top one wasn't done yet!)
  7. Cheers all, wet & dry vac as much as the foam would take it got it started good then it spent some time indoors with a dehumidifier and spritzed with antibacterial fabric freshener. All refitted and good now - thanks!
  8. Just wanted to stop back and say thanks to all above; great information and gave me the ability to remove and replace the rivets ; although removal was "tricky" as the rivets tended to want to slip & rotate rather than have their heads drilled off - not good for the plastic! All done & refitted though 👍🏻
  9. That's great, thanks @Paulkp - I don't know how I'd never seen the Catcar before, looks like it will be a really useful resource! Now to see if I can find this clip anywhere! (HM1 / 7100200)
  10. Ok cheers. I have no idea on the original material, they are still in the car. I'm purely going on the information here so that I can drill them out, cleanup the bodywork and refit it.
  11. I assume these will be suitable? I don't know what the "grip range" means?
  12. Cheers, gone for some 4.8mm x 12mm "dome head" rivets (look like they should be the same thing as "blind") and a cheap tool. Will see how I get on
  13. ugh, I just looked again. I've never done riveting, but it looks like I'd need to get the rivet tool inside the bodywork, and the head of the rivet is on the outside? If so I don't see how I'll get the tool into the inside of the bodywork, so maybe this is a non-starter...
  14. Anyone by any chance know what size rivets you need to use to refit the rear bumper supports on a 2012, 5door ford focus? Thanks!
  15. Hi all, Currently tackling a dreaded MK3 boot leak - in this case the water seems to have been "a little but often" as the carpet & "under foam" in the cabin is soaked. I've managed to remove it (and I can see it's clearly come from the boot area), but I'm looking for recommendations on how to clean and dry the carpet & foam? - or can I buy replacement foams somewhere? At the moment I'm planning on just putting it out in the sun, but in the British weather, in February I don't have a whole lot of hope for that approach. Suggestions please 🤞🏻👍🏻
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