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  1. You may be able to remove it with large long nose pliers or failing that you may need to drill a hole in what's left then lever it off. Either way I would get a new cover ready first as you'll need it as soon as the old one is removed. It is indeed a very common problem.
  2. Thanks Jim. Next time I'm going to return to the small independent tyre centre I've used before. Slightly more expensive but worth it I think. I looked online and could see a TPMS service kit for my age of Fiesta which looks like a normal valve stem with a threaded hole and screw on the inner end which holds the sensor. Picture below. I guess if I really want to know I'll ask the Ford dealer what they do with a tyre change as they are usually very helpful.
  3. I thought they were supposed to change the valve stem and fit the sensor back onto the new valve stem. Looking online I see that the sensor is attached to the rear of the stem with a screw. My concern is I think I've paid for something I didn't receive.
  4. Michelin PS4 gets my vote. I've bought four recently as they seem fantastic. You can sometimes get a discount offer from Michelin........I got 15% off four or I think you could get 10% off two.
  5. Hi, I've had four new Michelin tyres fitted this week at Kwik Fit in Newton Abbot. They've charged for four valves and four wheel balances. I have an itemised receipt having booked and paid online. I've cleaned the car a day later and have noticed something. I'd like to ask whether you think these valves have been changed just a few days ago because they look like the original ones to me ? The car has TPMS and I understand that the valve core should be changed when replacing the tyres. Also I can only see balance weights on the front two wheels only and none on the rear. Is that suspicious ?
  6. I've had that happen on another manufacturer of car. It turned out to be a failure of the clear coat / lacquer and it was only on the roof. It can happen when there are stone chips but I've seen it before myself where no stone chips were present. You could ask about having it fixed under warranty but if they find stone chips where the top coat is coming away you may have a difficult job getting Ford to pay for it.
  7. Well I've had the tyres fitted and sure enough they checked the wheel alignment without me requesting it. I'd booked online and paid for the tyres online. I was about 2 minutes walk away from Kwik Fit to collect the car when they called my mobile. They wanted to adjust the front tracking at a cost of £59 "to avoid scuffing my new tyres" which I declined. They've given me a print of the report from the alignment and I've noticed something interesting. The front toe angle is absolutely perfect in the middle of the green band. It would seem they wanted to adjust it because the steering wheel isn't quite straight when the wheels are straight........not that I can notice by driving the car. I fail to understand how that effects wear of the front tyres ! It must be said the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres feel amazing. Much more comfortable ride and the reduction in road noise is beyond belief..............until they start wearing I expect.
  8. Thank you. That does all make sense and that's what I needed to know......that it's front toe only that can be adjusted. I can tell by eye that the camber looks correct........front wheels leaning inwards slightly at the top. I have done a fair amount of slow town driving but a change of job means I'm 90% on the dual carriageway these days. I can imagine they'll always find the toe needs adjusting even if it's 0.5mm 😉
  9. Hi, I have my Fiesta Mk 7.5 Zetec S Red Edition booked into Kwik Fit on Monday to have four new tyres fitted. I've shopped around then booked and paid online which gave me a decent discount on Michelin Pilot Sport 4. In fact the discount on the website is now less than I got when I booked several days ago. My question is as follows because on previous occasions I've been offered a "free wheel alignment check" when I've turned up to have the tyres fitted and have always declined. Is it necessary to have a wheel alignment check and more importantly is it even possible for them to adjust the rear wheel alignment on this car if they find it's not correct ? I notice the prices for adjustment are not shown on their website. I have the original Continental tyres on the car at the moment at 29,000 miles. Two of them are worn to a point where I want them changed before the arrival of autumn wet weather, another tyre has a puncture and the last one has a structural failure (deformed area of tread). The front two tyres have more wear on the outside edges than across the rest of their width. The rear tyres have more wear on the inside edges compared with the rest of their width.
  10. Yes, I believe that's the condensation outlet from the air con.
  11. I've used Kurust too for that sort of thing and it's excellent.
  12. I don't bother to maintain the full dealer history once the warranty is over. I service it myself with Ford parts or use a local garage to get a service and MoT done at the same time. I've sold several cars at about 6 or 7 years old and having a full dealer history or not doesn't seem to make any difference. The only thing which is important is that the car is serviced and you have receipts for the service or the parts if you did the work yourself. Where it was was serviced doesn't seem to matter much. If you know a decent local garage then that will do fine.
  13. I have a Nextbase and it's only powered with the ignition on. The motion detection works using an internal battery. If it had a power supply all the time it would be recording constantly as it starts and stops when I switch the ignition on and off. With ignition off it only records if a shock is detected.
  14. I think if you have a different brand or age of tyres on the front and back I'd swap the wheels around from front to back and see if it makes any difference. Due to the problem I had before I always buy tyres as a set of all four (the same) these days. I swap the wheels from front to back to even out the wear so I always need all four replacing at the same time. It should only take half an hour to try and it won't cost you anything except the time it takes to do. If your tyres were way over inflated could that damage the structure ?........I don't know.
  15. I've had a similar problem before and it was a very strange feeling where the back of the car didn't feel like it was always following the front. In my case it was caused by the fact I had a different brand of tyres on the rear to those on the front. It was a small hatchback with firm sports suspension but not a Fiesta. When I swapped the wheels from front to back it solved the problem completely. I was told it was because my rear tyres had more flexible side walls compared with the front. If you've checked the rear suspension than I can't think what it could be unless it's tyre related. In my case the problem seemed to come and go depending on the temperature / weather would you believe. It would sometimes cause the car to feel a bit unstable under braking too.