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  1. I swap the wheels from front to back to even the tyre wear and it's never caused a problem with the TPMS. Never even needed to reset the TPMS except after I had a puncture repaired.
  2. Talking of the display for the radio it reminds me of the thing that caught me out when I bought my Fiesta. I kept turning the radio off manually with the power button as I didn't know it goes off by itself when you open the door to get out. I kept taking the keys out the ignition then wondering why the radio was still on.
  3. Have you got a mobile phone connected by bluetooth ? My 2017 Fiesta shows a symbol like that for my mobile phone battery level and phone signal level (which is linked by bluetooth) but I think on mine it's possibly at the top of the screen. My car seems able to connect to my phone from even 20 or 30 metres away when the phone is indoors and I'm sat outside in the car.
  4. Yes, as Bob says it works it out based on your own average MPG as you drive. Mine goes to 417 miles to empty when I fill up these days. When I was going much shorter journeys it used to only show 305 miles to empty when I filled up.
  5. Same with me. My MK7.5 was registered in May 2017 and both pipes showed some rusting after a few months. I cleaned them up and now I just grease the pipes each year when I service the car. The grease has stopped the rust coming back.
  6. Last time I had this problem it was the coolant temperature switch (the one for the radiator fan and not the one for the temperature gauge). It was just a two terminal sensor that was easy to change. It was an older Ford than yours so I can't tell you where it would be on your engine.
  7. When I changed the plugs on my Ecoboost I found both of my plug sockets were way too big. I used a long reach socket without a rubber insert then lifted the plugs out with one of those flexible pick up tools. I used the same tool to gently lower the new plugs into the wells and get them started into the threaded holes.
  8. I'm wondering if it's possible somebody has tried to clean the engine bay with a jet wash or similar before you bought the car and left water in the spark plug wells. If water is leaking from a washer jet I suspect it would enter just one or two plug wells.
  9. I bet it's a common problem. I was worried it was a bearing squealing on the engine or something like that so I was relieved to find it was just a snapped stud. I wish I posted about it last week !
  10. I've just had exactly the same problem last week. It took me ages to work out what was squeaking each time I stopped the engine. I couldn't get the snapped stud out of the engine so I've just removed the top half of the snapped part from the hose so the ends can't rub. I'll end up making something to hold the hose in place I expect.
  11. I've had several screens changed on different cars over the years by Autoglass and everything has always been fine. I did have a repair once on a bit of damage about the size of a £1 coin and I could still clearly see where it was "repaired" afterwards. Given the choice I think you've selected the right option by having it changed. Just check the heated screen works correctly on both the drivers and passengers side afterwards as I do know someone else who had a problem with that. The replacement screens I've had looked identical to the original except for the brand name.
  12. Looks good to me. Mine were worse than that when the car was only six months old from brand new.
  13. I have an ecoboost 140 (Red Edition) and it makes no difference to power or fuel economy that I can notice whether I buy Shell premium fuel or the supermarket cheapest unleaded.
  14. I'm not sure Bob. I have a 17 plate Fiesta Ecoboost 140 and there was surface rust within a few months of me buying the car brand new. The pipes on mine were never bright silver. I would say they were sort of half way between silver and brass in colour.
  15. I used the emery paper, Kurust and high temperature paint method about 3 years ago when I bought my car and found this post about the pipes rusting. It took a while and I had to bend the small paint brush to 90 degrees to get all the way around the pipes. After a year the paint had started to come off and I could once again see some minor surface rust just starting. I thinly coated the pipes in bearing grease instead with my fingers and although it doesn't look spectacular it seems to work better than the paint did. What surprised me is that it didn't just burn off except where I accidentally
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