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  1. Matt Alsop

    Low mpg on my 2017 EcoBoost Fiesta

    I'm getting about 51.5 mpg on average and I mainly travel on dual carriageways and 60mph "A roads". Around town that drops down to about 35 mpg with the stop/start working. It's the 1.0 Ecoboost I have with 138 bhp engine. The Eco page on the display gives me 5 stars for everything which allegedly means I'm an economical driver.
  2. Matt Alsop

    Headlight restoration

    I've been told several times that toothpaste works well. It's worth trying as it'll be much cheaper than £30.
  3. Matt Alsop

    Fitting a bike in the boot?

    I can just about get my mountain bike in with it's front wheel removed. It's not easy but it's possible. That's with the rear seats folded down and the passenger front seat quite far forward. I have the bike handlebars behind the passenger front seat and the bikes rear wheel nearest the boot lid. My mountain bike is quite old so it's not the sort with the larger 29" wheels.
  4. Matt Alsop

    Car Batteries - Whats your preferred make?

    I buy Bosch usually from Eurocarparts.
  5. Hi, I've had a similar experience with my previous car although it wasn't a Ford. The car developed a fault when it was 3 years and 4 months old. I had a full service history and the dealer wanted £2,800 to repair the fault. I wrote to the manufacturers "customer relations department" and explained the situation as I felt the cost of repair should be covered by the manufacturer. Happily they agreed. You need to do the same because I believe at that mileage and with a full Ford service history you should not be paying for the repair yourself. Shocking that you had to wait a month for an appointment with your dealer.
  6. Matt Alsop

    New car New bulbs

    I've bought Nightbreakers and they lasted 8 months so I was rather annoyed at the waste of money. They are brighter than standard bulbs although the difference was far from spectacular. Just make sure you are happy to accept the short does tell you on the box when you buy them (which I failed to notice).
  7. Matt Alsop

    Is my MPG right?

    On my 1.0 Ecoboost I'm getting 49 mpg which is mainly dual carriageway at only 65 mph. The rest of my driving is at 50 mph on main "A" roads. I'm working shifts so travelling on empty roads. If you can managed to get anywhere near 50 mpg from the 1.0 Ecoboost then in my opinion you are doing very well indeed. I'm disappointing with the fuel economy of this car/engine. Having said that.......I had a turbo diesel before (65 mpg) so this is my first petrol car for over ten years.
  8. I normally use the standard Tesco or Morrisons unleaded in my 140PS Red Edition. I tried the premium unleaded from Tesco which I seem to remember being called Momentum. It made no noticeable difference on MPG. I also tried standard Shell unleaded and it did maybe add 10 miles on the whole tank (around 420 miles instead of 410 on a tank full before the low fuel warning comes on) but I didn't consider it worthwhile paying the extra so have gone back to the cheap supermarket unleaded. Not tried Shell V Power as far as I can recall. I always use my car for the same journeys (mostly dual carriageway at 70 MPH) so I can get a reasonably accurate comparison. I believe the owners manual only specifies the minimum octane and so premium fuels are ok to use too and would not cause a problem.
  9. Matt Alsop

    Engine Rattle

    Here's a video from my Red Edition 140PS:
  10. Matt Alsop

    Engine Rattle

    Yes, I do have the 140PS. It's the Zetec-S Red Edition. Mine hasn't changed in sound at all since brand new (4 months ago). I'll get a video clip later with my phone if that will help ? I do have a YouTube account.
  11. Matt Alsop

    Engine Rattle

    Hi, I have the Red Edition which I bought from Vospers Exeter in July. It's 17 plate and was "pre-registered" with just 25 miles on the clock. My engine sounds absolutely identical to your video. It sounded like that from new and now at 3,000 miles it still sounds exactly the same. I don't think you need to worry ;-)
  12. Pleased I could help. I forgot to mention that the Race Red touch up paint I bought from Ford also came with another bottle called clearcoat. I believe it's a clear lacquer that goes on over the paint. That's common on metallic paint but was I surprised to get clear lacquer with Race Red as it's not metallic. Since i was only touching up a small scratch I actually didn't use the clearcoat that came with the paint. If you are spraying a part which is going to be clearly visible then the clearcoat may be needed to get a good finish.
  13. Hi, I have the Red Edition and I have some of the genuine Ford touch up paint here in front of me. It's Ford Race Red and on the container is a code..... 1 771 687 . I don't know whether that's just a Ford part number or if it's what you need. Also attached is a picture of the car label from the door pillar if that tells you the paint code for the red.
  14. Matt Alsop

    Removing interior bulb plastic cover

    Are you just trying to replace the courtesy light bulb (that comes on when you open a door) ? I've just changed mine on a Red Edition as I wanted a red bulb in there. You don't need to remove the lens as the bulbs come out from the other side of the fitting. The owners manual says not to remove the lens for some reason. Maybe the clips can break easily.
  15. Matt Alsop

    Fiesta St Line Spoiler Water Holder

    I've recently bought my Zetec S Red Edition which is basically the same as the ST Line as far as I know. I noticed within hours of buying it that I get the puddle of water on the spoiler every time it rains. Seems to sit there for days if the car isn't used. I've not had the water run into the boot I must admit. May depend on what angle the car is parked when you open the boot. I did wonder why there is no drain hole for the puddle I must admit. I've not found a solution yet sadly............but yes, I've certainly noticed the problem and wondered what Ford were thinking when they designed that spoiler.