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  1. So sorry to hear that 😥 . I can't imagine how frustrating and inconvenient that must be. Let's hope they get it right next time. I would name and shame them on here so we know who it is.
  2. That's a better photo. Now I can see it properly I agree with the previous couple of comments. That's not a good repair...…...unfortunately 😥
  3. It looks very good to me. The colour match is perfect and the finish is as good as I think you'll get given it's not the original factory paintwork. If you know where it is then you'll always be able to find it yourself.
  4. When mine was done (metallic blue paint with clear coat over) the chap repaired a patch of the bodywork about 5 inches square but he painted a much larger area all the way to where there were corners or edges. I assume that was so there was no blending from new paint to old paint on a surface where it would show. I was amazed by what he achieved to be honest given it was two hours work on my driveway and not in a proper paint booth.
  5. I had the front corner of a car repaired about 3 years ago using a very highly recommended local smart repair company. I'd scraped the corner of the bumper removing the metallic blue paint and leaving the plastic bumper damaged too. The repair to the plastic was perfect, the paint colour was perfect too but the metallic finish of the paint didn't look quite the same as the original factory paint. I'd shopped around for several quotes and everyone told me "you can't get a factory paint finish outside of the factory". I was very pleased with the repair...….but I could see it if I looked carefully. My Dad has recently had a smart repair to the passengers door and wheel arch and again it's excellent but you can find it if you look carefully from certain angles. I've not seen anything which looks like "ripples"...….just a slight difference in the paint finish.
  6. I come across those regularly in my work repairing turbine engines. It's a dust cap that comes on various new components and hoses to stop dirt or moisture entering before the part is fitted. They are most often red or yellow and come in various sizes sometimes with a thread on the inside or outside and sometimes they just push fit. During the assembly of the car the cap has been left in your car accidentally.
  7. I have the same projector type headlights and have also been disappointed with them. I wasted money on a set of high brightness bulbs only to find the light was whiter but I couldn't see any further than before at night. In the end I parked in a dark car park at night and used the adjusting screws under the bonnet to adjust both headlights upwards. That has helped a bit as the light now shines further in front of the car. It was quick and easy using a large allen key. I must remember to wind them back down soon for the MoT in case I've set them too high !
  8. I have a 1.0 petrol Ecoboost and I always service my own cars myself. Your car has basically missed one service at 12,500 miles then the next service after that has been completed at about 25,000 miles. When I completed my own 12,500 miles service the important bit was the oil and oil filter change. Most other items were just checking fluid levels etc. The oil I drained was very clean given the mileage. I really wouldn't be too concerned about the car missing one service. As I say, I do service my own cars and I've never had any problems selling or trading in a car which doesn't have a dealer service history. I tend to keep a car until it's at least seven years old and at that age most buyers are more interested in the current condition of the car and whether it's had a recent service rather than making sure every single box in the service book has a dealer stamp. If you like the car then I see no reason to return it. I'd have been more concerned if it had a diesel engine because the oil gets contaminated very quickly on those.
  9. Looks like the side light bulb. May well be a type 501 as a guess. Try the Halfords bulb finder where you enter your reg number and it lists the bulbs for your car. Here it is.....$ja=tsid:35582|cid:105565069|agid:4200432469|tid:kwd-508401492136|crid:334761602529|nw:g|rnd:3242826232429047120|dvc:c|adp:1t1|mt:p|loc:1006953&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_bXWtcnv5QIVCLrtCh2_SwSYEAAYASAAEgJ5LvD_BwE
  10. Thanks for the reply. I've solved the mystery now and it is a damaged tyre. One of the rear tyres that I moved to the front has a damaged area near the inside side wall. Looks like it's from a pothole or something similar. There is a concave area of tread where the tyre structure has been damaged. Will get it changed.
  11. Hi, I have a Fiesta Red Edition year 2017 on 22K miles with original set of Continental tyres. I've noticed recently a drumming noise which seems to be coming from the tyres which can only be heard between 25mph and 45mph. I don't know which corner of the car the noise comes from. At slower speed or motorway speed there is no noise (and there's no vibration at any speed). The original tyres are 70% worn and at the weekend I swapped the wheels from front to back to even out the tyre wear so I can change all four at once late next year. Since moving the wheels front to back the drumming sound is much louder. Any ideas what it could be ? I do know the tyres have a direction of rotation so I've swapped the front drivers side to the rear drivers side and the same the other side so the tyres are still rotating in the correct direction. I have the black 17 inch alloys with the 205 width low profile tyres. There is no damage on the tyres that I can actually see by eye.
  12. Hi, can anyone recommend a boot mounted cycle rack for two mountain bikes that fits on the boot of a 2016 Fiesta MK7.5 ? It's a Red Edition so has the large spoiler at the top of the boot lid. The car doesn't have a tow bar and I don't want one fitted just for carrying bikes a few times a year. Also the bikes are a bit too heavy to use a roof mounted rack. Thanks.
  13. As per the previous comment I also switch off the air con about 5 minutes before I arrive at my destination. I leave the blower fan running though so it dries out the evaporator. If it's not damp when switched off it won't get smelly.
  14. I've had that problem before too. I went back to the tyre centre several times where I bought the new tyres and each time they would take the tyre off the wheel and clean and check everything then refit the tyre. They couldn't find the problem with the wheel in the bubble tank either. In the end they admitted defeat and changed the tyre for another new one (free of charge) which finally solved the problem. I was surprised because it was a Michelin tyre too so nothing cheap. They had told me if changing the tyre didn't solve it then I'd have to get a new wheel. As others have said...…..your tyre monitoring system is working as it should. It may be annoying but it's warning you of a problem.
  15. Thanks for the replies. The link to Etis is especially useful. I usually service my own car once outside of warranty and that provides me all the details I need 😉