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  1. Mk6 fiesta wont idle

    I will look more into this but at moment car has no aux belts,coolant,alternator etc so cant keep it running for too long. Back to normal shifts on the 18th so ill get stuck in properly then lol.
  2. Mk6 fiesta wont idle

    It has the electric throttlebody. No throttle cable. If i start it and try to keep revs stable near idle it still wont idle steady its surging up and down. Keeping the revs at idle speed it starts to die the you hear the throttlebody open as it takes a gulp of air then closes and cycle repeats so definately points to vacuum to me? Havent tried driving it all this is just being done on my drive but when it stalls it just stalls no stuttering soon as i release the throttle it out. Ill try replacing the crank sensor next since its cheap. So today itook the pcv valve off my vitara jeep to compare it with the 2 fiesta ones i have. I can blow through both fiesta pcv in either direction? Vitara one only lets me blow through one way? Bearing in mind the only fault i could find when this first happened is that the vacuum pipe had come off the pcv valve? Appreciate all the replys.
  3. Mk6 fiesta wont idle

    Any easy way to check ecu? Had diagnostics on it today and even used live data but theres nothing i can find out of ordinary. Ill try live data again tomorrow and spend some more time on it but its not looking good. The car is an old heap but i use it to deliver chinese food and its perfect car for it. Im now having to use my evo 8 to deliver and its getting costly lol. The symptoms indicate to me that theres a vacuum leak but i just cant find any faults in the vacuum system at all . Ill rig up a boost gauge tomorrow aswell but even thats not gonna help much as the car only runs when i keep on throttle lol. The search continues...
  4. Mk6 fiesta wont idle

    Cleaned it already and still no different so i replaced and still no different lol.
  5. Mk6 fiesta wont idle

    Im just suprised someone hasn't had this issue already. Replaced throttlebody / map sensor/pcv valve/ fuel pressure regulator and still no different. Idles super high with vacuum pipe(inlet manifold to pcv) unplugged from pcv valve but wont idle without throttle with vacuum pipe connected to pcv even with pcv unplugged from block lol. Very annoying.
  6. Mk6 fiesta wont idle

    Thanks for the huge responses :) much appreciated.
  7. Mk6 fiesta wont idle

    hi. looking for a little advice. few days ago my mk6 1.4 zetec fiesta stalled on me while reversing out of a parking bay. it started straight back up but was idling at 3.5k rpm. had a look under bonnet next day and only thing i could find wrong was the breather pipe had come off the pcv. when i put it back on the car wont idle at all unless i keep the revs up manually? ive checked all vacuum pipes and there's non split. decided to replace my timing belt while i was stripping things down anyway so removed quite a lot of parts including inlet manifold and still cant find anything wrong. the pcv valve isnt jammed. inlet manifold cleaned. the butterfly valve opens a little while cranking and car revs up fine so i dont think thats the fault...? any ideas? there no management lights on so no faults stored in the ecu either. when i stalled it it was quite abrupt and kind of bounced to a stop lol but cant thunk of anything that would harm... appreciate any advice. id rather not just replace random parts in the hope itll fix it as that tends to get expensive lol... thanks dave