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  1. Problem solved! After a WOT acceleration in the 3rd gear at around 3500 rpm, I got engine malfunction and complete power loss. I had code P2290 Injector Control Pressure Too Low and the car went in limp mode. Replaced the fuel filter at Ford as I was sure there must be something wrong over there and all the problems went away. Car fires up instantly regardless if the engine is cold or hot, no more errors when accelerating hard. Thank you all for the suggestions!
  2. UPDATE2: I did a live data reading using Forscan and I noticed that the fuel rail temperature sensor shows 41 degrees (before I start the engine) after the car stayed unused for 5 days and the temperatures were up to 10 degrees during the day and as low as 0 at night. Is that right? Does it have some sort of preheating or is it faulty?
  3. UPDATE: I performed another code reading and I still got no DTCs. However after using Torque's Vehicle Test it came up with the error in the photo. Seeing this error I recalled that I've seen this error as a DTC with a fault code about 2 months ago during a routine check (it was shown as intermitent, not permanent). It makes sense to me that a bad O2 reading can cause trouble starting up. Am I right?
  4. Will draining the filter cause air to get in the system? Or I can safely do so without having to prime the system afterwards.
  5. I was using a generic OBD2 reader, but I just checked using Forscan and there are still no DTCs. Thanks for the tips. Could it also be caused by bad fuel? Or failing high pressure pump?
  6. Hi, My 2011 Ford Focus mk 2.5 1.6 TDCi 110HP suddenly takes a lot of time to start which is made even worse if the car has been parked overnight. It used to start instantly without even hearing the starter motor trying to turn the engine. The problem showed up last week and it seems like it gets worse over time. I changed the battery as it was 5 years old and had 12.4V. About 1000km ago I had the fuel filter, along with an oil and filters changed and also the timing belt, but I didn't notice any strange behaviour immediately after. As far as I understand glowplugs are not used unless the car is started in very cold weather so they shouldn't affect the starting. The car has no DTCs and also runs and drives perfectly fine (no rough idle, no power loss, no smoke, no strange fuel consumption). If I turn it off and start the engine again it starts a little better, but still far from how it started 2 weeks ago. I made a video showing the issue. I would be really grateful if someone could give me an opinion about what could have gone wrong. Thank you!
  7. Hello, I am driving a 2011 mk 2.5 focus (140k km) and I started hearing a high pitched noise coming from the back of the car (driver side, rear wheel). The noise sounds similar to a bike brake used on rainy weather, but it is not continuous and seems to be related with how fast the wheel is spinning (from what I can tell I hear it once for every wheel rotation). The noise can only be heard when taking corners and only under 40 km/h. When the car is fully loaded it can be heard even when slightly turning the steering wheel or even when going over bumps while driving straight. When I am driving without passengers I have to take the corner a little bit faster in order to hear it. It seems to me like it is related to the wheel load (the heavier the load on that wheel, the louder the noise). The noise completely disappears after 40-50 km/h regardless of how fast I am taking a corner. I have just done a 4 wheel alignment, but that didn't fix the problem. I changed all 4 rotors and brake pads 1 year ago (20k km ago). Do you have any ideea where that noise might come from? Thank you!
  8. I checked the MAP sensor reading in order to see the boost pressure. It reads 21.6 psi at full acceleration and 1 - 1.2 psi at idle. What's strange is that even when the engine is off i still get 0.3 psi of boost, which is obviously not true, but the ECU seems ok with that 0.3 psi error as it didn't set a MAP error code. I read on the internet that the sensor can read a maximum of 250 kPa. Mine is 148.8 kPa boost + 101.2 kPa atmospheric pressure which is exactly 250 kPa, so I guess it reached the MAP sensor's maximum reading and it may boost even higher. How high should the turbo boost? Found some articles that said they should boost to 1.4 bar (20.3 psi) maximum. Could it be a faulty MAP sensor as the car drives perfectly fine when the overboost code is set? It also seems to me that there might be a leak visible in the photos below. Could that leak cause overboost? Thank you.
  9. Hey, I am having a "problem" with my Mk 2.5, EURO 5, Focus 1.6 TDCi 110HP (72k miles). After driving for long time (like an hour or more) at motorway speeds, the check engine light comes on and i get the P0234 Turbo Overboost error. The strange thing is that the car drives absolutely fine when the error occurs. No limp mode, no loss of power. There is no way to know the car is having the error without looking at the dashboard to see the check engine light. I tried to reset the error code, but it keeps reappearing in the above scenario. Tried going full throttle from 1st gear to 3rd changing gears at ~4000rpm and the problem did not occur. It seems to me like it only happens at higher gears/higher speeds. I have to mention I got the EGR mapped out at a local tunner, but I am thinking that the EGR was closed anyway at those speeds, so I doubt this could be the cause. I also have to mention that my DPF Differential Pressure is about 13 kPa ~80mph at full throttle and 0.6-0.9 kPa at idle, which seems a little bit high to me, but no errors logged yet about DPF. I was considering the clogged DPF causing too much pressure hence, the overboosting. Are those values indeed high or am I wrong? Is there any risk driving the car with the overboost code as long as limp mode doesn't occur? Any ideea that can help me diagnose my problem? Thank you!
  10. Hello, I have a 2011 mk2.5 Ford Focus TDCi 70k mi. I am having problems with the car entering Limp mode as soon as i do 10-15 minutes of motorway driving. Restarting the car instantly gets the car out of Limp mode, but the problem will reappear soon after. I diagnosed using my ELM327 and I've got 2 errors: P0490 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Control Circuit HighP042F Exhaust Gas Recirculation Control Stuck Closed I took my car to the Ford service and they changed the EGR Valve 2 times in order to exclude a bad new EGR valve, but unfortunately the problem is still there. After that, they changed the EGR plug hoping that will solve it, but nothing changed. They did an ECU software update and still nothing. I am uploading a printscreen with Forscan monitoring when the car is in Limp mode and the EGR is stuck closed regardless of the enginge RPM. Notice the LL_EGRTV variable is showing "Not Learnt". That makes me think my car is having trouble learning the new EGR valve parameters. I have to mention I had a minor crash in my front left wheel 4 months ago and considering the ECU is just near it, maybe that is the cause. Did anyone encountered a similar problem? Any idea on how I can solve this? Thank you.