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  1. My local Ford garage charges less money than the village independent for a service. The last one was around £160. Breakdown coverage included too. This is for a Focus though.
  2. Not a Fiesta (1 litre Focus ecoboost, 6 speed, 13 plate) but I am curious/sad enough to keep a spreadsheet of my fuel use, mostly to see how the car's MPG compares with calculated values. In all cases I try to drive until as empty as possible and refuel until the nozzle automatically shuts off. The average speed will give you an idea of the type of driving, which is mostly town (Edinburgh) with some faster roads occasionally. The car's MPG is always higher than the calculated value. Sometimes it's way off, sometimes they are quite close. It's definitely a lot more economical at speed. The last line corresponds to a lot of 60 & 70 mph driving from Edinburgh to Campbeltown and back, for example. What I don't see is any particular consistent improvement in economy from one particular fuel type or supplier. I tried to use at least three tanks of fuel per supplier but this was not always possible (no V-Power in one station, only closest station was a Morrisons at that time etc). The closest petrol stations to my house are a Shell and a Tesco, the closest to my work are BP and Sainsbury. The car's handbook recommends BP regular so I thought I'd try that for a few tanks to see what happened. I think driving style and journey type have a much greater effect than the fuel provider or octane rating (for this engine). Really I ought to test by driving three tanks of, say, V-Power, at speed and then compare with Momentum, regular etc. I'd see a lot of lovely Highlands scenery but I don't have the luxury of time or spare cash to try!.
  3. which opens as I still found the dealer to be the most helpful when I needed to replace a rear position lamp in Mrs Nitten's KA as it seems there are two very slightly different bulbs and I got conflicting answers from various online "what bulb do I need?" tools.
  4. Ford's own official parts store is fronted by ebay! Have you tried searching to see what they cost? When I've needed parts the prices from the Ford ebay store were quite reasonable.
  5. Last week I had to make an emergency purchase of ready mixed Carplan all seasons screenwash, mine for a mere £8 at a fairly remote petrol station in the Borders, due to Mr Clark renting out cars without first topping up the fluids. It was pretty brilliant at keeping the screen crystal clear. Perhaps you do get what you pay for.
  6. Have a look here:!/vehicle-step The difference in price charged is sometimes quite a lot. My local Ford dealer is independent and charges a lot less than the national chain named dealers.
  7. In November I replaced the original Continental tyres on my 2013 Focus with Continental Premium Contact 5. Researching options etc pointed me towards the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tyres (you will struggle to find a bad word said about them on various forums) but KF had a decent discount day on premium tyres plus Continental were running their own offer as well. Fitted by the mobile van for free too. The car handles, well, like a car! It rains a lot here in the winter and they have been fine.
  8. I use TripleQ in two cars in a roughly 2:1 mix and have not had a problem with it freezing, even in the very cold weather we had in March. At least they deliver to you. Nether ECP not CP4L will deliver screenwash (or wheel cleaner) to my home or work in Scotland! I get a message saying it's a dangerous substance. They seem quite happy to deliver to my parents' house in England though. Weird.
  9. Just to round this off, they didn't drill to get the bolts off and free the catch. So I asked what they did. Apparently they took the trim off from the inside (remember they had to go in through the back seats) around the catch enough to be able to jam a screwdriver into the lock mechanism and jemmy it open. Then installed a new catch probably as in the Youtube video. I'm £150 lighter but at least the boot opens!
  10. I took my car to the local dealer today to have this fixed. The lock mechanism has seized completely and needs to be replaced sez the service manager. Quite how they'll get it off if it's locked in place I am not sure, perhaps I shouldn't ask in case they're about to do unspeakable things with an angle grinder?
  11. My mk3 yesterday developed the exact opposite problem in that the boot is now permanently locked and cannot be opened. I think this makes me Yin and you Yang? And, on average, both boots work fine!
  12. Thanks! I've a feeling that access to the handles might be restricted by the boot floor but will take a look later on.
  13. If the covers are just to hide the stains have you tried having the inside of the car professionally cleaned? I had both of ours done earlier this year and they looked like new afterwards.
  14. If by "tap" you mean "wallop" then I've tried that! Plus lots of bouncing up and down. The interweb proffers a variety of causes from battery not having enough oomph (but the car starts just fine) to blown fuse (checked, it's fine) to loose connection (possibly?) to knackered solenoid (as you suggest) to entirely seized mechanism. That it's making a click sound suggests to me that it is mechanical and not electrical. I can't see a way of getting the inside trim off without breaking it. There is as you say no way of opening it from the inside, at least not that's obvious. A trip to the dealer it is.
  15. Ooops - systematic error! Thanks for spotting it.