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  1. Steering assist malfunction - Service required

    My battery have only 5 month, is genuine ... so I think it's not responsable for this issue.
  2. Steering assist malfunction - Service required

    Me too, same issue !!! Any advice appreciated !!! Regards !
  3. Re Attaching Rear Door Weather Seal

    " The TSB describes the procedure to cut the reinforcement wires at a few particualr locations to eliminate the tension on the wire. " Where are these reinforcements located ? Thanks !
  4. dash clocks flickering & pulsing

    How old is the battery ? Without the lights on, is it the same ?
  5. FORScan

    I think so ... http://www.forscan.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=6
  6. This schematic is OK ?? SYNC I wiring.pdf
  7. Thanks, again :) ! " This is the schematic of the old Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system. The old Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system is completely different from the newer 1st generation SYNC system. " For my components it's another schematic ??? I "build" my cable according to this schematic (and the schematic I draw in post above) :( ...
  8. Thank you so much for the very documented responses ! " You need to splice your MM-CANbus APIM wiring the correct way into the MM-CANbus network wiring. ". Where can I properly connect these two wires ?? " Connecting the ground wires of the APIM module directly to the ground wires of the ACM can result in interference " Where can I properly connect this ground wire ? " additional FM/AM antenna with amplifier " . What is the code for this antenna ? Regards !
  9. After long searching, I managed to gather all the components I need for upgrading to Sync I my stock base radio on FF MK3 : -display E1BT-18B955-DA -radio-cd BM5T-18C815-GN -bluetooth BM5T-14D212-DC I made the cable according to the schematic. I'm ready now to put it in the car ... but I need some answers before that : -is the schematic (see above) OK ? -the hole for display cooling "system" is 10 mm diameter ? -what are the steps to write the new parameters with Focccus ? -should I watch out for anything special ? Any other advice is welcome ! Thanks ! Regards !
  10. Mk3 glovebox removal

    Don't give up !
  11. Mk3 glovebox removal

    @ Kingsblue : See :
  12. Focsum MK3 1.6l Ti-VCT engine tremble issue

    Unfortunately, I have not solved anything ... I still gather information, how to identify the cause of the problem and what is the solution. The polish guys from fordserwis.com.pl say : "We can not send you how solve problem without car.We have to perform diagnostics of the car - this is possible only in our garage."
  13. Focsum MK3 1.6l Ti-VCT engine tremble issue

    Sorry ... new link : I found another interesting site, where is presented the same (??) problem : http://www.fordserwis.com.pl./awaria_sterownika_pcm_w_focusie_mk3_1_6_benzyna,Awaria-sterownika-PCM-w-Focusie-MK3-1.6-benzyna
  14. This is full diagram of connections. Maybe is usefull for someone ...