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  1. Hi, I've noticed that, on most cars, there's a 0.5mm to 1.0mm gap between the fixed part of the door handle and the moving part (the bit you grab hold of). When I took delivery of my Fiesta 2018 Zetec last year I noticed there was virtually no gap on any of the doors and, within a few weeks, the paint had worn off the moving part where the two halves were rubbing. I had it repaired under warranty but the dealership said it wasn't possible to adjust the gap so, as expected, the paint has worn off again. Both the fixed part and the moving part feel as though they're mounted on rubber bushes as it is possible to (gently!) force a gap by pulling sideways on either part of the handle. The same applies to all four doors. I was speaking to a guy in a car park (who "caught" me examining his door handles!) and, when I explained the problem on my car, he said he was a mechanic and the gap IS adjustable. The people at the dealership assure me the gap isn't adjustable so my question is who is right? Thanks, John.
  2. vwlowen

    Need help choosing engine oil, please

    Yes, I suppose I used the word "inevitably" more as it's folk law than it being borne out by my personal experience. My last car was a 17-year old Corsa B (bought from new) and that rarely, if ever, needed topping up between oil changes. The tiny amount my Fiesta oil level has dropped could even be due to the colder weather causing slightly less oil to drain back into the sump (possibly!). For my Fiesta, I've bought a litre of Mobil Super 3000 5W-20. It says Ford 948B on the label so that must be ok to use. I'm just still curious why the handbook specifies ACEA C2 when all the "Ford 948b-compatible" oils specify ACEA A1/B1. From the little research I've done, A1/B1 relates to engine efficiency and fuel economy for petrol/diesel while ACEA C2 relates more to a diesel engine's particulate filter... Why Ford specify that for a petrol engine will probably remain a mystery
  3. vwlowen

    Need help choosing engine oil, please

    I suppose I should really. I'm curious about the A1/B1 versus C2 as much as anything, plus being a bit of scrooge The dealer's price is a lot more expensive than I can get it online. But, as you say, it is one way to be sure.
  4. Hi, I recently bought a new 2018 Fiesta Zetec 1.1L. It's inevitably using a small amount of engine oil while it's still new so I'd like to keep a small bottle of oil handy for top-ups. The Ford handbook says to use oil that meets the Ford spec: WSS-M2C948-B or (if that's not available), oil that meets the spec: ACEA C2 The problem is that some suppliers, eg Halfords, list Mobil Super 3000 as meeting the Ford spec but state ACEA A1/B1 - Not C2. Other suppliers, eg Carparts4less, list Triple QX as ACEA A1/B1 with no mention of the Ford spec. Although I suspect either of those oils would be suitable, neither mentions ACEA C2 so I'm a bit reluctant to use them just on the off chance Ford could see it as a way of invalidating the warranty. Looking through the various Ford websites doesn't list any SAE 5W-20 at all. So, as per the subject title, I could do with a bit of advice on which oil to use. Thanks, John.
  5. vwlowen

    New Fiesta External Lights

    But is that because it's getting difficult to know what is automated and what isn't? The same idiot drivers who forget to put their lights on are likely to be the same idiot drivers who assume Auto will have done it for them. Pretty much every heading in my Fiesta manual begins with "this automatic feature doesn't absolve the driver from the responsibility"... So, if the driver has to check anyway, isn't it easier just to let the driver do whatever it is in the first place so the responsibility is solely theirs?
  6. vwlowen

    New Fiesta External Lights

    You can but they always default to auto and you have to switch through 'on' to turn the lights off. It sort of defeats the object of preventing the lights coming on automatically at an inappropriate moment if you only remember to turn auto off at that time. I agree I'm splitting hairs but it seems to me that AutoLamps may help drivers who forget to turn their lights on but, in doing so, it creates other drivers who assume the lights will have come on when they haven't.
  7. vwlowen

    New Fiesta External Lights

    Thanks for the reply. The steering looked fairly straight when I tested the lights but I'm sure you're correct. It looks as though my rear fog lights are similar to yours. Just a plain reflector on the nearside but an identical-looking light on the offside. You make a good point about the dashboard lights coming on with the running lights giving a false impression that the rear lights are also on. The running lights are also bright enough to reflect off the car in front (if you're stopped in traffic) - also giving the impression that all your lights are on. I'm not keen on the idea of the headlights coming on when the car chooses (wipers or dark, for example). When I had to switch them manually, I sometimes held back a few seconds if I thought someone waiting to cross my path might mistake the lights coming on as an invitation to go. All new stuff to get used to, I guess :)
  8. Hi all, I recently took delivery of a new 1.1L (85BHP) Fiesta (2018/Mk8) and I'm trying to get my head around how the exterior lights work. I understand that, with AutoLamps on, the headlights and the rear lights come on if the wipers are switched on (even in the intermittent position) or if it's dark enough. But I've noticed that the nearside front spot light also comes on. Both spot lights come on if the spot lights are turned on with their own push switch. Also, there only seems to be one rear fog light (on the offside). The manual isn't much help as it seems to use the terms running lights and side lights interchangeably yet, to my mind, "side lights" has always included the rear lights but it seems the only time the rear lights come on is when the headlights are on. I should say that I'd hung onto my last car for 17 years so the technological advances/changes have been a bit intimidating but does the behaviour of the lighting seem right to you experienced guys? :)