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  1. Alspark

    Induction kit for 2009 2.0tdci focus?

    Hi mate, I know you posted a while ago just seen it myself. Did you do these power mods? What sort of power gains did you get?
  2. Alspark

    Add Bluetooth on 2010 Titanium focus

    Hi guys, I'm a new member and found this post really helpful. Can someone conform for me please? I have a 2010 titanium with the head unit pictured above so I'm assuming it's a gen3? Which Bluetooth will I need not bothered bout the music connection (but if eBay throws 1 up I might be tempted)? And as for the voice control stick will any one work ie 1 from a cmax work in a focus?? Thanks in advance
  3. Alspark

    Mk2.5 Bluetooth

    I have a mk2.5 titanium does anyone know the Bluetooth module part no.??? Also if the stick has a number or if they're all the same? I have the Sony head unit any info guys would be a massive help. And do I have to get ford to program it???