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  1. Adding more fuel (at least 50%) fixed that problem. Another issue posted here -
  2. Hi, If you download and listen to this sound file, you can make out just before the car starts, it makes a cruching sound. https://we.tl/G2jOZqb9V0 Any idea what this could be? Thanks
  3. Anyone know how to check the fuel pressure / where the bolt is, like Scotty says? (1min 20s)
  4. Strange, took everything apart again, put back together and it pumps out the "white" nozzle fine. Put back in tank, same problem. Can rule out the pump/sender, as 100% know it's pumping out of the "white" nozzle Also checked resistance on the float and looks fine Maybe some sort of air blockage? To reitereate, "cold start" works for a few seconds Not sure what to check now.
  5. Pulled the fuel pump exclosure out again and did some testing. Hooked up the battery direct to the pump and it doesn't push any fuel out of the top, it just bubbles a lot, like there's something blocking the tubes, but can't see where!
  6. Got some "Cold Start" and it fires up, but won't last, so that rules out spark plugs, there is new fuel, the pump pumps, the relay and fuses are ok, the only thing is that the fuel gauge says full and it's not, so will refit the pump again. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Sorted, the rubber seal looked like it went one way, but upon changing it round and with a bit of fiddling, it fits aok. Added petrol, I can hear the pump, but unfortunately it hasn't fixed my problem. https://we.tl/p1vHrG9aLV Took pump out again and there is fuel in there. Can anyone suggest something else to try?
  8. Didn't think it should be that tough, I'll try again Cheers
  9. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Basically, I would like to know how this rubber seal goes back, as I didn't take a "before" picture.
  10. Sure, I'll take some tomorrow
  11. Hi All, I bought a fuel pump (cylinder), for my MK1 Focus, went to replace it, but when I go to close the housing to the pump it won't fit, it seems like the rubber seal is too far down, but I can't see a way to raise it without it popping off. Any ideas please? Hopefully someone has replaced this? Thanks