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  1. 2004arron

    Car cutting out

    The garage is struggling to find the issue with it. They believe it may be fuel related. A fault code of “cylinder 3 injector offset learning at max limit” they feel the injectors are ok?? What do you think? The issue happened a couple of months ago and the garage changed the fuel filter and noticed an issue with the connector on the fuel pump. The connector is ok by the looks. Any advice would be appriciate. Thanks
  2. 2004arron

    Car cutting out

    Help required: My Car over the weekend cut out whilst driving and going into limo home mode. Once the ignition is turned off then Back on it starts. The car will only tick over if a lot of revs are applied. I believe the desired fuel is very different from what the cars actually getting. The cars in the garage at present. Any suggestions as to the issue?? Thanks
  3. 2004arron

    Air flow shutters

    Good evening. I’m looking for some advice. My air flow shutters have stopped worked due to being damaged. I have a 2012 1.6 tdci would an 2013 st shutter fit?? Thanks
  4. 2004arron

    Focus cuts out.

    Good evening. I have a focus MK3 2012 1.6 tdci. The car cut out last month whilst driving but restarted once I cycled the ingnition. The Rac changed the fuel filter then all was ok. Role on 1 month and the same issues happening again. The filters been changed but still nothing. The cars showing a fuel pressure rail error code a long with MAP. has anyone else had this problem and how best to go about solving it? Thank you