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  1. Fiesta Ecoboost Parts Up-For-Grabs

    Can I have the below please? 1.0 ecoboost engine cover R Sport CrossOver Pipe What colour is the Mountune secondary induction hose ?
  2. [Advice] Fiesta ST-Line Rust?

    This part that is rusted, is the Turbo intake. I have a Mk7.5 fiesta st-line since March 2017 and here is a photo of the turbo intake which i just took. My car has 11,500 miles on the clock... I suggest you should check it with the dealer...
  3. Yes, it makes sense... The sound from the exhaust is coming from the backbox I can't hear any sound escaping from any other side of the car so I am guessing the exhaust is still sealed properly...
  4. The sound is still there when idling or accelerating but when cruising at 70mph - 3000rpm the sound is less noticable now that what is used to be. I thought that it might be that my ears are getting used to it because I drive 120 miles every day but my wife told me yesterday that the car is quieter than usual and she only takes the car once a week!
  5. I will do in the weekend at my local garage! Thanks for the tip :)
  6. Hello, I have installed a non resonated cat-back Milltek exhaust on my Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost couple of weeks ago. (Needless to say, the sound is awesome!! ) Last week, I changed the stock air filter to a K&N Performance one. Since then, I noticed that the exhaust is much quieter than it used to be. There is a substantial noise reduction, I really need to push the car to actually hear the exhaust... Is there something wrong or is this normal? Regards, Thanasis
  7. Hello, I am looking to install a Induction Kit on my Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 140PS and I stumbled upon the J1 Automotive Induction Kit (link below). Any advise would be much appreciated! J1 Automotive Fiesta Mk7 1.0 Ecoboost Air Intake Kit
  8. Ford SYNC 1.1 reboot issue

    Hello all, couple of months ago, I bought a brand new Fiesta ST-Line 1.0 Ecoboost 140PS and I had a strange issue with the satnav system. I have my android phone connected via bluetooth on the car's bluetooth system (Ford SYNC 1.1 with satnav) While I was enroute to work, I was on the phone with a client and we were talking for around 40 minutes. Then suddenly, the central console went dark like there was no power at all and the whole satnav/audio system rebooted. After the reboot, I could not access the phone option or any other bluetooth or SYNC functions on it. Once I arrived at my destination, powered off the car and left it off for a good 30 minutes. Then I powered it on and everything was back to normal... Anyone experienced anything like that before?