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  1. Guide To Fitting An Aftermarket Head Unit

    Any chance of adding the photos again? Just bought a Double Din Pioneer Dab stereo and foolishly thought it would just plug in and fit :(
  2. Blower motor.

    Cheers. ebay resistor be okay or should I go for a genuine one?
  3. Blower motor.

    We all know that when the resistor goes the blowers work on number 4 but no others. Well mine work on all but position 1. Still the resistor or summat else?? Cheers :)
  4. Where does this live?

    Air conditioned glove box! Who knew :D
  5. Where does this live?

    Cheers fellas. I put it in the glovebox last night and noticed the glovebox is air-conditioned :) So this is simply an on off control for the glovebox then. Thanks all.
  6. Reverse sensors Mk2

    Anyone got em? The missus wants them like now! I was wondering if any of you have used the ebay ones? I've found some Matt Black ones as i'd like to install them onto the rubber strip on the bumper like Ford do instead of colour coded ones a little lower down as i'm not sure i'll find a decent colour match for Aquarius Blue. Any idea if that rubber strip is premarked for drilling or do Ford use a special strip with their reverse option?? Cheers :)
  7. Where does this live?

    Found it in the passenger door pocket. 05 Focus. Cheers :)
  8. Evenin all.

    ***** was mate. Asked him about the cruise, heated screen, and aircon (it's a Ghia) and was assured they were all working, then enquired about any rattle on start up or loss of power under acceleration (i've been stalking this form for 2 weeks :) ) Explained I was a little concerned about the Variable Valve Timing and he told me it drives perfectly. Got to his forecourt and couldn't see the car nor him. Phoned him and asked where the car was as the only one here is an 03 lx. "Yeah that's the one he says". I was not a happy bunny.
  9. Evenin all.

    Not sure if the link will work?? http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201707117287783?logcode=visc&fromSA=true
  10. Evenin all.

    Went to look at one the same colour as yours (which I prefer) just a few days ago. It was on autotrader for 699, 55 plate 1.6 Ghia 115. Paid a deposit, drove to Bristol, and on arrival it turned out to be an 03 1.6 lx. Feckin fuming! :)
  11. Evenin all.

    Greetings from the land of Song and Sheep. Just joined the Forum as i've just bought the missus a 55 1.6 Ghia 115. Paid fairly strong money for it but it's a really clean one and for it's age i'd describe it as excellent condition. It was advertised for 1390 but managed to get it for 1200. He wouldn't go any lower. Couple of niggles that i'd like some help with but i'll keep those for the forum :)