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  1. Seriously considering one of these but not sure if I should get the diesel or 2.0 petrol. Never owned a diesel car so never worked on them and i'm unfamiliar with their workings due to lack of experience. Pretty good with the spanners and do all my own work. Servicing has never been a problem for me but have also done head gasket changes on a couple of different cars, i've done clutch and gearbox changes (mostly on mk1 and 2 escorts but have also done a few fwd clutches) i've rebuilt a couple of BMW differentials which includes setting the pinion preload etc, set valve clearances on many cars and my own motorbikes, rebuilt and balanced motorbike carbs and throttle bodies, I fit and balance my own bike tyres, i've done fork rebuilds, caliper rebuild and the list goes on. But, i'm no expert, and diesels scare the ***** outta me because they're an unknown quantity. Just trying to give you a bit of background here of what I can and can't do which may help you to offer some good advice, and if so i'll be eternally grateful for it 🙂 So, which to choose? I understand the 2.0 petrol is the chain driven Duratec HE - is that correct? Does it have it's own specific set of common faults? Is the 2.0 diesel the psa as in the Mondeo, or is it something different and should I avoid it? Anything I should be aware of when buying a CC? Your help and guidance is very much appreciated. And lastly, is the 2.0 petrol a thirsty girl in comparison to my 1.6ti Focus? That thing does about 28mpg on average for a 10 mile each way commute with about 7.5 each way being motorway. I was expecting better!! I'd really like the diesel for the fuel economy, but some issues that common rail diesels seem to have scare the ***** out of me. I don't have deep pockets. Thanks all, and happy isolation 🙂
  2. You're teaching your Dad a thing or two here Lisa xxx. I'm clueless when it comes to diesels. Following this thread with interest 🙂
  3. Mogs

    Bad alternator?

    So yeah, looks like a bad alternator. Heated screen won't turn on because the output is not enough but that's meant to happen apparently. Battery was showing 12.2, then was showing 14.3 when started so all was looking well. Voltage dropped to 11.5 with lights on etc So it could possibly just one of the windings gone bad maybe? And it stinks too. Ordered a re-con one locally with a 3 yr warranty which i'll be picking up in the next hour.
  4. Mogs

    Bad alternator?

    Haven't checked anythis at all yet, still in work till 10pm and same again tomorrow. Off on Monday and Tuesday so i'll give it the once over then :)
  5. 1.6 Ghia Ti. Battery light came on on the way to work this afternoon. Belt is okay, and without having checked voltages etc I'm presuming I've got a bad alternator. If that proves to be the case any idea if there's a certain amperage I need for the Ghia model or are they all the same for the Ti? Any tips appreciated. Looks like I'm cycling the 10 miles to work tomorrow :(
  6. ...and she's been fine for a week now. Must have been a loose wire going to the transponder or something. Would be nice to know for sure though as there's doubt in my mind now every time the missus or I get in the car.
  7. A lot of people recommend Genuine Ford leads, but they ain't feckin cheap!
  8. It's fixed! Or is it.... Oh I don't feckin know!! Cars been sat for a couple of days, came home from work at 2pm today with laptop, found my ....tried to start the car before connecting laptop and she fired right up. Switched off and on several times and eventually gave the same fault of flashing PATS light. Plugged in the Laptop and Forskin points at exactly what you pointed to guys ie Transponder signal not received etc. Unplugged the transponder, checked the wires, all seems in order with no 'obvious' breaks or damage, plugged it back in and it worked and then didn't, bent the internal pins slightly for better connection in the plug, it worked and then didn't. I suspected the transponder ring then remembered my daughter's transponder threw the same fault. Hmm. Anyway, after faffing about with the wires I can't now get it NOT to work. I hate curing a fault this way because i've no idea if it's really cured. Gonna wait till the temperature drops tonight and try to start it again. At least I know that both keys are still working for sure, and tomorrow i'll re-solder the ICU and use a magnifying glass to inspect it closely. I'm sure i've got further problems to come but thanks to you guys i'm convinced i'm looking in the right place. Just another thought - if I had a bad relay or fuse (iv'e checked em all anyway) I wouldn't be getting the flashing PATS would I? With a bad relay or fuse my PATS light would go out and then still wouldn't turn over. That'd be right wouldn't it? Thanks for the continued support 🙂
  9. Mogs

    Brake Discs

    Pads will bed in in less than a 100 miles, sometimes a lot less if you actually 'try' to bed them in. Discs will naturally get hot under normal driving conditions, but shouldn't be getting hot to the point of you being able to smell them unless you've used them heavily. Somethings not right so it needs investigating. Sorry I can't help more than that.
  10. Can't view that link or vid you posted as work pc has blocked it, but i'll take a look tonight. Edit:- Just viewed it on my phone and that's the video that helped me decide it was a 1:1 code. I'll have a good check of the wiring from the transceiver. Afternoons all weekend though and only Tuesday off next week :( I'll keep you posted. Thanks again buddy.
  11. Not sure if the link is working because Youtube is blocked in work. Cheers guys.
  12. Cheers Pete, i'll upload the vid from my mobile in work now if I can to Youtube. I took my transponder ring and fitted it to my daughters Focus and it worked fine, but hers gave the same problem on mine. I'll check all the wiring as a first step. Cheers buddy.
  13. Quick vid of the PATS code. Whadya think? Thanks for the ongoing help 👍