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  1. Happy Birthday johneebwood!

  2. stuck needles

    hi guys, i stalled my ford focus 1.8 turbo diesel, dont know if this has any bearing on the problem, but since then, when i stop and turn the ignition off, the temperature and fuel guage needles go up to halfway even when i take the key out. sometimes the temp needle bounces about a bit before settling at halfway. any body have any ideas what this is and how to cure it thanks john
  3. grinding first gear

    :( hi guys, i am in the process of buying a ford focus 2002 cl td di, i have taken one for a test drive today, the car drove lovely apart from the first gear selection, when the car was stationary no problem, but when the car is driven, on selecting first gear it was a struggle to get in and would grind, has anyone got ant ideas what this may be, also another one i had a test drive, in every so often the speedo would drop to zero for a 20 seconds or so and then back, the garage said it is a common fault on the car,(this one is a 1.6 petrol). according to the garage it will be a speedo sensor, 22 quid. they can do the job for me or they can knock 200 quid if i take it as it is. any ides of any other points to look for when buying a focus would be appreciated as well, thanks guys john