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  1. Hi i have a 2008 c max 2.0l petrol automatic on 85k. I have very bad juddering after car seems to warm up (5 mins). Its recently had new exhaust after flex manifold. New tyres with all 4 wheels balanced and wheel alignment done on front and rear axles. Seevice done with new plugs and gaps set at 1.3mm. I did find air filter hose split so taped up while part on order. Ive bought one ignition coil and tried on every spark plug to see if it was faulty coil. Just to note this problem was before all this work done. I also have a bad clunk and standstill when changing from drive to reverse or out of park in auto gearbox. I've just jacked car to check play in front wheel driveshafts and find 15 degree movement on wheel with lots of noise and slight horizontal play rocking wheel with slight noise too. I have no faults on dashboard either. Any ideas would be welcome.