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  1. Can Anyone Help With An Elm / Ids Update

    thanks sent him a pm!
  2. Can Anyone Help With An Elm / Ids Update

    Thanks for the reply. iNath is based in MK so a bit of a trek for us, I've posted in the what can you share thread great idea!
  3. What Could You Share?

    Hi there has anyone got ELM Config update capability and experience anywhere near the Severn Bridge? I'm hoping to get our S-Max cruise control upgraded, i've bought the buttons. Cheers!
  4. Hello, I've sourced some replacement cruise control buttons for my 1.8 07 plate S-Max after forking out a few quid for DM Flywheel slave cylinder and clutch, what's a another £100! I know after reading around it needs a software update to enable cruise control - can anyone near me help for a few quid? I'm just over the severn Bridge but can drive over anyone local-ish. Otherwise It will be a case of asking the dealers, probably getting initially some confused looks, then "oh that's not something we can do" followed by "okay hand over £200 and we'll have a bash" Cheers!
  5. smax official trouble topic

    That's a bit scary considering we've just had ours changed! The last one had failed and taken out the slave cylinder so as the box was off I ordered a new clutch kit. £500 in parts (at a massive discount!) alone :( 10k miles is ludicrous, maybe it hadn't been aligned or torqued properly?
  6. This is a superb mine of info I'm up to page 7, but can't see what I'm looking for. How much of this applies to an 07 plate S Max? I'd love to retrofit cc on this car. Cheers!
  7. 92K Miles Not Missed A Beat!

    Hello, been a few years since I posted but I'm so impressed with the Fiesta I thought I'd share 5 years of experience with any prospective buyers. Bought a 1.6 TDCI 59 plate (90ps) from order sheet built in the Germany plant, through Marshals in Cambridge (highly recommended as of 5 years ago). My first new car or anything remotely like new. Aside from the passenger window not working (took it in was just a switch the wrong way round), it was superb and I had trouble free motoring early on as expected. It has cruise, auto climate and bluetooth with voice control (mostly used for voice directory phone dialling - very handy). It's gone through some alloy wheels as hitting bricks or a kerb at speed causes buckles giving vibrations around motorway speed - hardly the car's fault but worth pointing out. About two years in I did smack in to a dozy woman who span in front of me in a french little box which was destroyed in the impact, my car needed new bumper headlights windscreen bonnet and other bits all overed by her insurance. The repair garage in Gamlingay were utterly shocking. That's another story but in summary, I went to pick the car up the guy taking me through what they'd fixed spotted at the same time as me a massive crack in the windscreen they'd missed, it came back with virtually no turbo, went back and apparently a pipe wasn't on properly. I sent it back again as the turbo was fine then started to loose power. They got a bit annoyed at this point when I pointed out a pipe was coming loose, as somehow there was nothing they could do other than keep tightening it up for me even though it shouldn't make a difference. It does to this day comes slightly looser every few months, and the turbo is noticeably down. Knobs. So after pounding 92k miles out of it up and down the A1M, down the A14 60 miles, up from Swansea to Cambridge every two weeks for about 8 months (200 miles one way), then frequent trips up and down the M4 in South Wales, any faults? Well the only thing I've had to do on the car...tyres and brakes. That is the sum total of the stuff I've had to do on the car outside Ford servicing. It's been a fantastic servant the only time i've ever seen the engine warning light (apart from the shunt) is once stupidly low on fuel and once when it was well overdue a service it had a strange 5 minutes. My cruise control buttons are faulty as of a year ago, they have been used a lot in fairness but I'll source a replacement if I can. The USB port piece of plastic snapped but the socket was pretty cheap. So 5 and a half years on nearly without skipping a beat. Fantastic quality I think for a value small run about. The old girl is creaking a bit I think the shocks and / or springs are passed their best maybe? I am wondering if it's worth putting it up for sale before the inevitable parts replacements need doing, after 100k miles you can't hold it against a manufacturer when the exhaust needs replacing (mine nearly does), shocks have done their work, clutch, suspension bushes etc. Wondering what people think I don't want to part with the car but it will start costing for sure, and we've got the 07 plate s max to think about as well (which doesn't seem anywhere near as well built in comparison!). Anyway, in summary it's been one of my all-time highlights picking up a brand spanking new car with 8 miles on the clock built to order, I'm just so impressed it's been such a fantastic car I publicly want to show my appreciation and thank Ford for a great car, and to highly recommend the model - assuming the build quality hasn't dropped. Perhaps I've been a touch lucky, but I guarantee if this had been a Vauxhall Corsa or Citroen C3 etc it would have needed parts way before now.
  8. Reconnecting Vent Selector Bowden Cable

    Hi there is this for a fully climate control panel with buttons, or the dial you turn? It turns out no matter what button I press the vents at body level are on full, the feet vents and windscreen vents won't come on... I'm thinking I have a similar issue? Otherwise, does anybody have any other ideas? Cheers in advance.
  9. Fancy Going Racing?

    Based on some of the videos and the people down there (have a look at the vid in the videos section), hell yeah! The RX7 stalling on the grid then overtaking most of the field... !Removed! hell. There's plenty of stuff you can do now if you do some research Andrew, all needing a bit of cash but it's got to be worth saving a few beer tokens for a bit of karting or towards your license B)
  10. Fancy Going Racing?

    Budget racing - I can't be the only one around these boards! ;)
  11. Steering Wobble When Braking

    Check wheel balancing maybe? My tracking is out after hitting all the potholes in East Anglia, which means my tyres have worn un-evenly, which means I get steering wheel vibrations. It is also noticable breaking heavily.
  12. Tunninig

    Interesting... anyone else had experience with this?
  13. Happy Birthday Welshie-Miles!

    Thank you all! And yes Mike I did make Flic work a bit for a change today :D
  14. Next Forum Meet - 3/5/2010

    Micheal I'm instructed to ask you not to be mean to Flic
  15. Next Forum Meet - 3/5/2010

    NO! :P Of course you can, the more the merrier :D Oh parp. Sorry, forgot this was logged in under Miles. It's Flic btw