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  1. Has anyone in the FOC used this product...? https://propolish.us/products/super-ceramic-car-coating just saw an ad for it on my Instagram and almost every comment or review is positive! would like to hear from a community I trust before parting with my hard earned...
  2. Any idea how I can check if a Field Service Action has been issued for my car?
  3. I bought my car outright from the local Ford dealer, brand new, almost four years ago. My daughter is now almost 12 years old, when she's old enough to drive I'll teach her in this car, then gift it to her when she passes her test...until then I'll continue to enjoy my Fiesta.
  4. Well done Liam! 🏆 Looking forward to the guide and photographs 👍🏻
  5. Be very interested to read how you get on wth this, please take many photographs as you carry out the mod! Good luck! 👍🏻
  6. Just checked my rear window handle positions...it's only by lifting the handle in an upwards direction that the window lowers so don't think that the handle position is the cause for the window dropping over a period of time. First photograph shows the handle position when window is fully closed, and second photograph shows the inadvertent solution I found to prevent the window from dropping...
  7. I've had exactly the same issue with my car since new and it always bothered me. At first I used to blame the kids for not closing them properly, feel really bad about that now! Never even thought about position of the window handle itself and how that could affect it with vibration of driving, etc. However I have actually found a unintended "cure" for the problem...I noticed no more dropped windows as soon as I'd fitted my wind deflectors! I suspect this is due to the extra resistance and friction when the window is put into the fully closed position due to the additional material of the deflector pressing against the glass. im still in the habit of checking the rear windows every time I use the car wash which is probably no bad thing but am going to check window handle positions very soon. Is it easy enough to change the handle positions oneself rather than wasting a day waiting for my Ford dealer to do it?
  8. Just recently purchased a honeycomb style diffuser to replace the ugly piece of plastic on my rear bumper, but now needing the left and right bumper extension trims to complete it. I cannot believe the price Arnold Clark are looking for these small pieces of plastic, £57 for each side! Anyone have any ideas on where I could source these at a more reasonable price?
  9. Something like Halfords In-Line Valve HFX 370? seems strange they don't actually describe it as a non return valve, reviews seem to describe it better than Halfords do!
  10. Many thanks Luke...all sorted now 👍🏻😊
  11. So basically a waste of my hard earned unless I get it mapped...or like to make lots of noise! 👉🏻😣👈🏻 lol
  12. Just spotted this used induction kit on eBay... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Fiesta-1-0-Ecoboost-Induction-Kit/253405183172?hash=item3b00203cc4:g:bhsAAOSw1GlabGmd so thinking about putting in a bid but not sure if this is a good idea or not without a remap, my car is pretty much standard under the bonnet? read a few other posts about the importance of getting cold air into the filter than warm air from around the engine bay and how this could affect the smooth running of the engine. would really appreciate any advice on this as the auction only has a day left to run! 😳 Many thanks
  13. I know it's an old post but do you have a link for the Cree LED bulbs? really like the way you got rid of the original yellow glow, do the LED's have good light output as well though?
  14. Do you have a link or part number for the NRV?