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  1. I have purchased 4 injectors for the below car..... the injectors were taken from a 1.8 tdci KKDA (2008) focus My car is the following Build Date: 26.07.2006 Vehicle Line: Focus 04-08/Focus C-MAX 03-07 Body Style: 4 Door Estate Version: Series 15 Engine: 1.8L Duratorq-DI HPCR (115PS) Lynx Transmission: 5-Speed Manual Trans - MTX75 My injectors and donor injectors are 4M5Q-9F593-AD From what i have read after purchasing there was a different version of the KKDA engine with a higher compression ratio. are they different injectors, would i be ok as long as both injectors are the same serial number????
  2. Juddering Focus mk2 Tdci

    Hello Have a mk2 focus tdci Engine code KKDA I have a very apparent engine judder and poor idle....sounds like its only firing on 3 . I looked at the injectors and cyl 3&4 look like new injectors, i used a long screwdriver to listen to all injectors when ticking over and the new injector are ticking nice and loud and tick very fast....however number 1 and 2 look like old injectors and appear to be ticking very slow and quiet. injector one sounding very quiet. injectors are 4M5Q-9F593-AD. Would this be a good indication that i have 2 faulty or blocked injectors. i have seen injectors on ebay with the 4 digit codes starting with a 1 but my injector numbers are as follows 51980 - fg19 51976 - fg19 51984 - fg19 51988 - fg19 Would i be correct in thinking that i could get any 4M5Q-9F593-AD injector for the KKDA regardless of codes and also without the need for coding afterwards. Many Thanks