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  1. Mk8 ST-Line X 140 early impressions

    I have the st-line also. The seatbelt screen turn's off after aprox. 30 seconds. No need to press OK.
  2. Gas Strut Bonnet

    I've ordered mine but they are on the way to Greece still. As soon as i get them fitted i 'll let you know.. I guess next week i 'll have them..
  3. I have the new mk8 fiesta and the front light always comes on when i open the doors or unlock the car. Also, if it was for battery saving it would be the rear one that shouldnt come on. Get them to fix it.
  4. Mk8 Gripes

    Yes there is only the as built.I suppose i have to wait. I was able to change the start animation with a change in APIM but i knew exactly what to change. I can't find anything regarding autolock.
  5. Mk8 Gripes

    My forscan on my 2017 new fiesta is totally different.. i only have Codes like 720-01-01 and on the other side i only see hex numbers and digits. I suppose i have to wait for a forscan update to decode the new fiestas ECU? or am i doing something wrong?
  6. In the mk7.5 the 140 variant came later on as a special model with stronger engine, tighter suspensions etc. But in the Mk8 both 125 and 140 are the same St-line variant. With same suspension and almost everything. Diffent differential ratio and the engine are the only differences i think.
  7. I checked various vins in etis by trial an error and i can see this (Pictures Attached). As you can see one engine is listed as Ecoboost 100ps and the other (mine St Line 125ps) listed as Ecoboost 125/140 ps. I dont have the vin of a 140ps variant to check though. At the details both have engine performance level- standand. From this i suppose the 125ps engine is more like the 140 rather than the 100ps. Maybe its exact the same engine. Also i suppose the 140ps variant would have different engine performance level? Maybe someone with a 140 variant could provide his vin to compare.
  8. Thanks a lot mate. I think i have to check with the dealership to see what is already installed and we ll see from there.. :D
  9. Hi everyone, i own a fiesta Mk8 St-line. I was wondering if i can enable the auto wiper features with forscan. I can see 3 sensors behind the rear view mirror. I suppose some of them are for the auto lights and the ACC(Yes Greek st-line has is as standard). Don't know if a picture of the sensor area would help, or maybe the vin to check in etis. Anyone aware if this is possible? Also the car has Rear parking sensors and camera so i was wondering, if i install the front sensors will they just plug in the existing module or i need something more? Thanks in advance, Dionysis
  10. Mk8 Gripes

    Mine doesn't also. I 'd love to have that feature. Maybe there is a way with forscan?
  11. MK8 125bhp remap

    I also got wind deflectors. They look fantastic in Black. The number plate bulbs are Led indeed. As an addition i 'd suggest a metal footrest to match the pedals.
  12. New Fiesta TPMS wrong value

    Hi guys, last week i got my brand new fiesta delivered. Although i knew it's equipped with Tpms, reading the manual i understood that it would only show a notification only if the tired lost its pressure and not the actual values. But on the car menu in the information tab i can see the tyre pressure as well. The problem is that, when i corrected the pressure after the delivery even though i reseted the system via the menu, i have got wrong pressures shown. I have 33psi at front and 28psi back but it shows 37psi and 30psi. I 've reseted the system and did what the manual says after reset ( driving for a while above a certain speed) but without luck. Any thoughts?
  13. Ford ST Line front grill badge

    Hi mate, any news about your project?
  14. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    I was supposed to have my st-line delivered this week in Greece, but its been delayed for the second week of November. I should have it until the 10 of November according to the salesman. I have the vin though since early October and I made the order at the end of July.