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  1. Help with SYNC Bluetooth issues

    silly question but is the volume up on the phone? Ive done that a few times and had to turn the stereo right up to achieve a normal volume, but then realised that the phone was right down.
  2. Hey everyone, 2 week ago, a large 4 X 4 very kindly became one with my 09 fiesta. And wrote it off. Ive just bought a 2015 Zetec S, but while I am waiting for it all to be serviced and registered etc, I've been driving an ST Line Focus, and have very much fallen in love with the Stereo. Does anyone know if it is even possible to retrofit a sync 3 stereo, or a 3rd party apple car play radio in place of the blue lcd unit that is in the new car? I'd really like to not have to use my phone screen as the sat nav etc any more. And the convenience of being able to change music etc without facing the wrath of the law also appeals.
  3. A biker tapped on my window tonight and told me that I only have a high level brake light working. I've checked the bulbs, and I've "borrowed" a 10a fuse from elsewhere in the fuse box. The high level one is still working, but the other 2 are not. I know very little about wiring etc, does any one have any suggestions other than take it to a garage. I have a long commute, on motorways which I obviously shouldn't be on with only a third of my lights working.