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  1. Focus MK2 Facelift Sony Sync fail

    My Sony Part No is 7S7T-18C939-AF
  2. Focus MK2 Facelift Sony Sync fail

    Yes i have the following Bluetooth module 8M5T-19G488-AH also before i change the CD6000 with the Sony i debond all the devices from cd6000 to clear the memory Yesterday i reinstall my old CD6000 stereo just to see if the Bluetooth connection and voice commands working, and all working fine with the CD6000 so i install again the Sony one after a reset of the Bluetooth module (remove the connection plug from Bluetooth module and remove the battery cables) and i have the same results i cant connect to the Bluetooth module because when i try to connect the stereo is not prompting the bond code . i am thinking that maybe the module that i have is not compatible with the Sony Stereo or maybe i have to configure the module somehow to support the Sony Stereo .
  3. Hello to all I own a Ford Focus MK2.5 2009 which has factory installed cd6000 stereo without usb only AUX I recently made an order from the ebay one used sony mp3 stereo 2 days ago i installed the stereo in the car all work fine except the Bluetooth connectivity i try to connect my phone via Bluetooth i find it as a device on the mobile phone and when i try to connect my mobile phone asking my for pair code but the stereo display does not showing any code I tried the code 0000 & 1234 first but nothing happens my mobile phone keeps asking me the pair code of the stereo Thank you in advance The New One The Old One
  4. hi everyone

    hello I'm a new member and I Will like to say hi! I am owner of a focus mk2.5