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  1. Auto Mainbeam

    no idea!
  2. wipers

    On my old car when i turned the ignition barrel to off the wipers would continue and finish parked at the bottom of the screen as long as the key was still in. It was when I pulled the key out the wipers would stop, so that's why I expected them to park up on the Edge. Obviously the start stop button can't offer this selection although radio stays on until the door is opened.
  3. wipers

    on my old car they always went back to park position when ignition switched off. this is why I find it a bit annoying. thanks anyway. as long as I know there's not a problem with them
  4. wipers

    hey Edge thanks for replying. yes I've noticed that they sit primed at the bottom of the windscreen ready for next swipe. if that doesn't happen they will move an inch or so lower as if "parking up". its when I switch the ignition off they will stop at the position they'r in ie. middle of glass if that's where they are. I always leave them in auto- maybe I should switch them off each time which to me makes auto wipers pointless. I find i'm switching the ignition on to get them back at the bottom of the screen! i'll have to swap my wipers around and see them sort themselves out. I might put an audience on the back seats first too
  5. wipers

    hi all, my windscreen wipers don't return to the bottom of the glass when in use and I switch the engine-ignition off. they will just park at that position they are in without returning into the park position. surely this isn't right or do you all have the same? the wipers otherwise work fine. thanks
  6. Auto Mainbeam

    my edge has the adaptive lighting also. something new to me. I'm sure its probably running right. I took time to understand how it works believing that I was getting flashed at too in the beginning. great system though.
  7. upload photo in profile

    Thankyou Stoney,That's done the trick. Thought i'd put a pic of my car up in my profile photo.
  8. upload photo in profile

    hello, I've been trying to upload a profile photo from my pictures by dragging it across into the window as required! A message comes up saying that the file is too big and gives some kbites figure which I've forgotten already. what am I doing wrong? thanks
  9. Parking Lights

    yes i'll park on a hill
  10. Parking Lights

    that's good to know thanks. had no idea myself. I wonder if they would switch off after time if the battery charge starts falling.
  11. MPG

    ford claim I should get mid to late 40's mpg but just not getting near that at the moment. hopefully will in time! your right though- great car!
  12. MPG

    I don't think I could play around with the engine tuning etc.. I feel its setup as it is for a reason but that's just me
  13. MPG

    when the factory test drives are at 47ish mpg, I thought my figures would be a lot closer to that.I cant see me getting anywhere near that at the moment. Still early in the miles for me so hopefully it will improve. Great to see some of you getting close to that or better.
  14. MPG

    Hello everyone, I'm reaching 1300 miles in my Edge 210 auto titanium with 20" wheels and am getting an average of 31 miles local driving. I know its early days still but are you Edge drivers seeing a big difference in your mpg as the miles start adding up on your car? I have done a few 70mph runs down the A55 so it's not all 30-50mph journeys. Am I expecting the engine to "loosen up" a bit and give me better mpg over the next few hundred miles or so. thanks
  15. Auto gearbox indicator

    thanks for your reply. I understand how park works now. my driveway is inclined so I feel I've got to lift footbrake with handbrake on before applying park because of the little movement. I believe your scenario might be fine on level ground only yeh?