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  1. thanks again. I'll mention it when I book mine in with the recall
  2. Thanks Hamster. Excuse my ignorance but what is TSB 2066/2018 Will I possibly have clips missing and will warranty cover it or can I fix it myself?
  3. I get the wind rattle noise too when travelling at 60-70 mph. so annoying and I thought it was a label or similar flapping in the wind. i'm still no closer to finding the problem. otherwise my ford edge has be great!
  4. shocks


    thanks for your replies guys. very informative. I think personally I would be interested in finding fault codes incase its a simple fix. I've not had any trouble and hopefully never will for a long time! I wouldn't have the confidence to change settings etc.... I can get the software online then? Just googling it? 😁
  5. shocks


    I was just wondering in simple terms what Forscan is. It is often mentioned on this forum and i'm guessing its a fault code reader only for Fords. What else are the benefits of having it and is it a programme that you have on your laptop or a hand held unit that get plugged into the car. Just interested to find out more. Thanks in advance.
  6. I hope its a minor problem for you. why would the battery be flat like that I wonder. if it is the battery!
  7. do you have to go back to ford at the end of a pcp deal or can you take the Edge to another make if you fancy and do a part exchange on one of their cars?
  8. it should only be controlled by the heated seat switch I'm sure or maybe through the touchscreen climate control which I never use really
  9. my adaptive headlights will stay on full beam when a car is approaching in the opposite direction. I think the shape of the beam changes to go around the other car. In another thread I mentioned about getting flashes off other cars occasionally. someone had changed the headlight settings to right hand drive traffic i'm sure and I did the same..... this seemed to sort the problem out- you can see the beam move more to the left when you change this setting at night thus not blinding opposite traffic. the setting is confusing I think! hope this helps
  10. I know that the rear wiper might swipe occasionally when changing to reverse if the front wipers have swiped recently, even though the rear switch is off.
  11. not for no reason at all. I have though also switched off the auto braking feature. it works as expected. so far anyway!
  12. shocks

    Sat Nav

    yes I thought there would be a volume control in the settings! thanks for your replies, i'll have a go when the satnav speaks.
  13. shocks

    Sat Nav

    how can I increase the satnav speaking volume? I have sync3 and even though the radio or media is at a reasonable volume I cant hear the satnav instructions many thanks
  14. interesting but I wouldn't bother. id feel you have to go into the car to turn the screen heater on etc or remember to set things up before switching off the night before. that's how I understood how it works. might work for u tho.