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  1. Yes I have the same issue. I mentioned it too in another post when I first got my Edge. I was new to automatic gearboxes and had a lot of trouble getting used to the delay. Whether with the dual clutch setup, it will always be like that I don't know. I wonder if the electronics side of the system can be adjusted to maybe improve the response. It still bugs me. Are other auto boxes like this?
  2. Hello, I'm wondering if the adaptive headlights message is just a standard niggle with the onboard computer when switching on the ignition. It happens to my Edge occasionally, but always clears on restarting. I've noticed that the full beam never works when the warning is on, even if I have ok'd the message. If I turn the light switch to normal headlights, the full beam still doesn't work. Stop and restart the car and its back to normal. On the first service in sept.19, the local Ford garage didn't find anything on the diagnostics. I have rebooked it in for them to retry and find the problem in the next couple of weeks. thanks
  3. Hi all, if you have a pcp plan on your car, are you expected to change back to the original bulbs or other parts maybe if you hand the car back to ford at the end of your plan? I fancy changing the puddle light bulbs and also buy other things but I wont unless I keep my Edge after my plan ends. thanks
  4. I had a similar problem a few months ago where the power was lost suddenly when when accelerating hard and the spanner Icon appeared! It only happened occasionally and Ford replaced a Oil Pressure Solenoid which had shown faulty. I've had no problems since!
  5. shocks

    RIP Edge

    Yes I agree with you that they're quite rare and like you said, I haven't seen a new model yet either. Not even in my local Ford garage!
  6. shocks

    RIP Edge

    Are parts/ body panels etc that hard to come by? With my edge under warranty, I have had a recall and a couple of other issues sorted by ford over 3 days because of ordering parts. Although cheesed off at the time it did get sorted relatively handy I suppose. Isn't the running gear, suspension and inside etc from existing Fords?
  7. shocks

    Rear discs

    I feel my dealer will say the same when it goes in for its service
  8. shocks

    RIP Edge

    This is not what I want to be hearing. I put plenty of extras on my Edge with he hope of maybe keeping it when my pcp plan comes to an end in September next year.
  9. shocks

    Rear discs

    Hiya Dave, i'm just wondering if you've done anymore about the condition of the rear brakes. I've got the same problem with my rear disks which I noticed really after about 3000 miles. My Edge is at nearly 12000 miles now and due a service in September. I'm thinking Ford may try and get me to pay for new pads and disks as its a wear and tear part. Anyone else's thoughts regarding this will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
  10. By the way, does anyone see the manual? what does it say?
  11. I've had the "check adaptive headlamps-see manual" warning come up a handful of times when starting up! I sense it only seems to happen if I start the engine rather quickly when I feel the electrics need a few seconds to settle and in the case of the adaptive headlights, adjust into position. I have done a restart and the warning has gone so upto now that's my theory 😣
  12. well i'm relatively pleased with my Edge. 67plate titanium auto with 20"wheels in grey. It looks good and I enjoy driving it. I've had a recall on the aircon pulley recently done and a couple of other issues which I got sorted at the same time. It hasn't let me down so am pleased with it. I don't know whether I will keep it after 3 years mainly because of the tax penalty which I have to pay until year6. I'll see nearer the time what deals are out there. maybe the inside is a bit plasticky. I don't think its that bad and you can have a load of extras for much less than say a german car of similar size. If you get one with the Lux pack u might be pleasantly surprised.
  13. Yes as Trent Edge said. The set up and use of this feature is great and should be simple enough following the instructions