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  1. TDR|XTC

    Windscreen washer not working!

    Hello Roooney96. I'm pretty sure i have washer fluid there, as I took out the reservoir to change the pump. Any way i can use the pins from the harness behind the steering wheel to simulate the push of the washer pump/wiper button? Thanks!
  2. TDR|XTC

    Windscreen washer not working!

    I also did a GEM test and the washer button is not giving any beep! Should I change that wiper stalk or open it and give it some contact cleaner? Thanks !
  3. Hello! Things are as follows. I cannot squirt washer fluid on the windscreen or back window. I cannot hear the pump running when I press the switches. The wipers start both on front and back. The 15V fuse in the glovebox is OK. Today I changed the pump with a new one, but it is still not working! Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. TDR|XTC

    2013 Fiesta Suspension Issues

    Hi Leezer! If those potholes were pretty big, check to see if the shocks leak. Also inspect the coil springs if you're there. And try to see if the anti roll bar links are moving, as they should be rock solid .
  5. TDR|XTC

    Gearbox leak

    Then it means you can top it up, somehow. Seen a youtube vid a few mins ago where a guy was pumping oil into the gearbox!
  6. TDR|XTC

    Gearbox leak

    Thanks guys! I will change those soon. Can the gearbox oil be changed somehow, i see the shops sell 72W90 oil for 5 speed!?
  7. TDR|XTC

    Gearbox leak

    The car is starting to get from one problem to another. I changed the engine mount on the Fiesta and looked around a bit under the car and noticed that is a oil leak near the engine mount. I hope it's not something serious. ...Thoughts? Thank you!
  8. TDR|XTC

    Passenger side engine mount

    Car has 184k KMs. The end of it is all wobbly and when you touch the rubber at the bottom you barely feel any liquid there. But I don't know if that's because there's nothing to press it (the engine). On pictures online I see that the bottom of it is pretty ferm and has a nice round shape. I hope this helps. Thank you.
  9. TDR|XTC

    Passenger side engine mount

    Anyone online!? hehe
  10. TDR|XTC

    Wheel Alignment

    Software like Forscan can read the angle sensor for the steering wheel!. Do a check on that and adjust it. Besides that, the guys from your local service should also check for the steering wheel position when they align the wheels.
  11. TDR|XTC

    Wheel Alignment

    Maybe the wheels are aligned but the steering wheel is not!
  12. OK, so i did a check on the side engine mount and it looks like this! Besides the fact that it's a rusty, the top moves a bit and on the bottom there is a rubber like housing which contains a fluid (not much left). Any thoughts? Thank you! T
  13. TDR|XTC

    Fitting new head unit

    Why do you want a different head unit ?
  14. TDR|XTC

    Remapping zetecs Tdci

    Stock parts can give you around 120BHP and 250Nm! For more gains, you need bigger turbo, injectors, IC, etc.
  15. TDR|XTC

    Rattle on the right side

    I will do that tomorrow ThaiFiesta! Thanks for the heads up! T