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  1. Faulty Air Con

    I think the fan is definitely my issue as it simply doesn't come on. Is the control cable the one that connects to the top or the bottom of that square plastic switch type thing in front of fan?
  2. Faulty Air Con

    I sat it idling for 30 mins after a twenty mile run. No fan came on.
  3. Faulty Air Con

    The fan doesn't come on at all.
  4. Faulty Air Con

    The fan behind radiator is not coming on at all.
  5. Faulty Air Con

    No just ran it for two hours nearly. Fan behind radiator never came on once.
  6. Faulty Air Con

    I just ran a diagnostic AC check from a YouTube video. Press Off and Footwell button together then Auto on climate control panel and it starts up. Not getting any error codes, but got these numbers at the finish of it. 77 FO 6F 04 00 I can't hear compressor come on or engine change tone when AC is switched on.
  7. Faulty Air Con

    The fan definitely blows. Just not refrigeration air even after top up. No leaks detected on system.
  8. Faulty Air Con

    They used a dye apparently and said no leaks. Also I still had some gas in system and usually with a leak there is none or very little.
  9. I have a 2007 Mondeo 2.0 diesel TDCi. The air con stopped blowing so I had it recharged. Halfrauds said no leaks detected but that the system still hadn't kicked on. So, I have a fully gassed system that isn't working. Any ideas?
  10. Moisture Around Spare Tyre

    Do you know if the revised seal fits the 2007 model?
  11. Service -110,000 miles

    What year and model is it?
  12. Moisture Around Spare Tyre

    Ok I think I have solved it. When I open tailgate any water on screen just rolls off and most of it drops directly into boot area. Apparently Ford fitted a different rear windscreen in after 2008 so it only affects 2007 models. Any ideas of a fix?
  13. Moisture Around Spare Tyre

    It definitely isn't screen wash. It is too spread out for that. It is more like a condensation under the board that lifts up to reveal spare tyre.
  14. Anyone had problems with what can only be described as a thin film of condensation/moisture in boot area. Predominantly in and around tyre well? Boot carpets feel dry and no obvious leak so not sure what is going on? Dried up spare wheel and left it a couple days. No rain at all and when checking moisture on spare rim and floor around it. 2007 Mondeo Diesel. Any ideas?
  15. Does anyone know if this is a multi CD holder. I can't find any way of loading more than one. Also does anyone know if it is bluetooth capable? It is off an 07 Mondeo 2.0 TDCI.