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  1. Nooby Question...

    Hi there, sorry in advance for this stupid question but: My girlfriend caught the front nearside wheel arch of a Street Ka the other day, and we've decided to try and settle it outside of insurance, The impact itself was almost non existent, with just a thumbnail size of paint being removed. They've said that the quote to replace it is around £300. I'm no expert on the KAs. But i'd say that is a tad too high :P My question to you is, can you buy the wheel arch separate to the bumper? Because i'm not sure if they are all one unit or the wheel arch is seperate. Thanks for your patience Pete =]
  2. 1998 Escort Van Rad Fan

    Thanks again for your replies. Is the fan switch inside the thermostat housing? Could this have failed? Also I've noticed the fan doesn't always kick in as soon as I turn the ignition on. Yesterday it took about 45 seconds to turn on. Hope this helps you, help me narrow it down :P Thanks, Pete
  3. 1998 Escort Van Rad Fan

    Thanks for your reply :) What switches the fan on/off? Is there a set of contacts in the thermostat housing?
  4. 1998 Escort Van Rad Fan

    Hey guys! My company Escort Van acquired a fault a few months ago that's been frustrating me. My company refuses to take it into the garage us it's "Not essential", but I wanna get it sorted. Basically, the radiator fan is constantly on. As soon as I turn the ignition on, the fan kicks in. Am I right in thinking this is down to a buggered thermostat? Heating works fine, but the temperature gauge indicates it's always running cold. Earlier I disconnected the Fan and watched the temperature gently rise over a 10 minute period so I know the gauge is fine :) I assume the thermostat is stuck open, is it easy enough to change if that is the problem? Thanks, Pete :)
  5. This May Be Goodbye! =[

    My Mk5 Fiesta was trashed by a stupid Mercedes driver, in an accident, a little while back, and has been classed as a Cat-C write-off! <_< He's reported his plates as stolen, and now I cannot claim a penny. And due to having Third Party insurance i'm screwed! I've counted the cost of putting her back on the road, and to be honest, it's gonna cost alot more than what she's actually worth... She's seen better days! I'm looking to get another Mk5, or, and I know this is blasphemy, an old school Vauxhall Astra GTE! So just a message to say there are alot of Mk5 parts going for cheap if anyone's interested?! Including a 1.25 Zetec Engine & Gearbox, with only 58,000 on the clock, with a new clutch. If anyone is interested in any part of the car please email me at pete_glover@hotmail.co.uk. So we'll see, but this may be goodbye :(
  6. Mk5 Performance Upgrades!

    Lol I want the car to go faster, not the engine to melt =P And yeah she's not in BAAAD condition. Just got a dent in every panel o_O Haven't had much luck. Was hit the first day I got it when it was parked up. Rammed my neighbour up the !Removed! because the wheels locked up over a couple of manhole covers. Stopped at traffic lights and my mate behind me didn't -.- Slipped on the wrong peddle and reversed into a Big wheelie bin, then that knocked a wall over. Had Range Rover deliberately force me off the road from behind (Still waiting to hear back from the police) And the Mercedes pulled out on me the other day, and is now claiming it NEVER happened... He didn't know I had an independent witness though =D But the engine's only done 58,000, still runs sweet as a nut ^_^ It'll be ashame to get rid of her, actually quite emotionally attached to her, I think she's more popular amongst my mates than I am =P Many a good time in that car!
  7. Mk5 Performance Upgrades!

    Right. Well, my Mk 5 has been written off, after a brainless Mercedes driver decided to pull out on me when I was just 7 feet away. After finding out it's only a Cat. C write off, and the fact she's got alotta life left in her, I decided to buy her back for a meer £69. I've managed to pull all the dents out but now my car is well past her Sell-By-Date, with dents here, there and everywhere. I've now got my eye on a friend's Mk3 Si that she's selling. Before I get rid of mine, i'm gonna have a bit of fun, and tweak her a little. She's a 1.25 Mk5 Fiesta and i've heard that a 1.6 Zetec S throttle body, or even a 2.0 Mondeo throttle body will be a straight swap for her. Is this true? And if it is, will I get any considerable increase in power? Thanks Pete P.S And whilst I'm at it, are there any other low price upgrades I can tweak her with, just to see what she can do? ^_^
  8. How Easy Is It To Change Break Pads And Discs

    Most basic axle stands are rated to 2+ tonnes. Your car is about 1 and a half so they'll do yah. Halfords are always doing deals on axle stands and things.
  9. Mk5 Steering Makes Grinding/scratching Noise.

    If it's a light scratching noise when turning the wheel. Mine had the same problem. Does it sound like it's coming from the ACTUAL steering wheel? Because mine did that. Then just stopped o_O Just assumed something had become wedged behind the steering wheel ^_^
  10. How Easy Is It To Change Break Pads And Discs

    Yeah thats the 7mm one I was on about. Bought a large £10 set from Wickes just because I needed the 7mm. Very hard to get hold of. The pads are easy to take off once the callipers are off obviously. As Ricky pointed out, there's one clip holding the pads in place, bit of a pain to remove and refit. Need a bit of muscle behind yah but it's relatively easy. To be honest, i'd say that that's the hardest part =] The outside pad slides into place, but the inside one slots into the calliper piston. Erms... Just remember those pipe grips because you're gonna need to depress the calliper piston a little as your new pads will obviously be wider than the older ones =] Dunno if you've looked at prices but I was quoted between £120 and £180 at a number of garages. If you find the right place to buy from, you can find Discs and Pads for about £55 so it's well worth doing it yourself. A good job to cut your teeth on when learning about mechanics =] Sorry for all these long posts... Stuff's just coming back to me =P Speaking of which, you're gonna need something to clean the discs with when they arrive. They come with a surface of oil on them, to protect them during transit, that'll soak into the pads if not removed. And make sure you don't get any copper grease on the pad's face (The part that contacts the disc). They are extremely porous xD Pete
  11. Sqeaky Breaks

    When you mean cold... Do you mean it's damp outside? The discs are very susceptible to rusting with just a little moisture. Usually the squeek is just the pads getting rid of the rust. Perfectly normal
  12. Couple of Problems

    Sounds like you need a garage mate =P And the Diagnostics does work. its pretty funky have a digital speedo every now and then =]
  13. How Easy Is It To Change Break Pads And Discs

    That should do yah mate. I've done it on my MK5 too. You're gonna need a 7mm allen key too, which dont often come in normal sets, to take the Callipers off. I had to use a big hammer and a blowtorch to get the old ones off too because the hubs has rusted on. Also get yourself a Haynes manual from Halfords. That'll talk you through the entire thing step by step. Erms... you might need something to depress the calliper pistons too. I used pipe grips. Dunno if your set comes with them though. Ooo... Don't forget copper grease. You can get that from Halfrauds too!... Gimme a holla if you need any help mate Also, Im not sure if they still do it, but Kwik fit did a free brake system check. Might set your mind at ease after you do it. Pete
  14. Mk5 Steering Makes Grinding/scratching Noise.

    You mean the steering wheel itself or something to do with the steering? If its the steering is it more in one direction that the other? And how loud? =]
  15. Sqeaky Breaks

    I doubt it'll be an MOT failure aslong as the brakes are working properly. Open your window and listen as to whether the sound is coming for the back or front. Also what kinda noise is it? Constants squeeking, Intermittent squeeking? High pitched screeching?