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  1. Hullabulloo

    New car dilemma, fix or swap?

    A quick update! I had the car back Friday, rebuilt box, new clutch and Dmass fly. It's runs great, no sound and feels very smooth. Asked for all the invoices as the car went to a box specialist and in all £1600+. Needless to say I'm very happy! So much so i sent a quick mail to the guys at superchips... But that's another topic all together lol. Their reply might help others here though so here it is, (My concern was weather the gearbox could take the increased torque) "There are plenty of forum rumours and doom mongering regarding the 5 speed transmission used in the Fiesta and 100PS Focus but as far as we have seen the supposed issues do not affect the 6 speed transmission". Oh dear, a Bluefin is on my shopping list! Thanks all Oh yeah, nearly forgot, got an extra 12 months RAC platinum cover thrown in too!
  2. Hullabulloo

    New car dilemma, fix or swap?

    Thanks both, you are right Alex, I've got the 6sp 125, the black one may well be different. Steve you are bang on the money, think you've convinced me to get it fixed. Great car, new box and clutch and the extra warrantee, it is a great garage and the after sales manger said all the cars coming back in are mercs and vw's, Ford's aren't in that often. This issue was so bizarre he'd contacted Ford for a second opinion. I'm now waiting for a date to take it in, the Dacia logan courtesy car I had yesterday (OMG) is being swapped for a golf GTI for 2wks till she's fixed. Fingers crossed!T Thanks all for your advice, I'll post what happens next and how I get on soon Cheers
  3. Hullabulloo

    New car dilemma, fix or swap?

    Thanks guys, quite mixed responses. I have the 125bhp titanium, it's silent, drives well and I was very surprised by the pull from the 1ltr through every gear. The 3cyl sound throaty too lol I'm sure I read there's a 30sec extra hp boost for over taking etc, not sure if that's true but it shifts! No 200bhp monster but great fun when I want it. Still undecided but the garage have said they need to fix it if I keep it or not, I've agreed to let them and see how it drives and how I feel afterwards. They did offer an extended warrantee too. My other choices on the forecourt are focus 1.0T zetec 2014 BLK 45K or a Suzuki swift sport 1.6 2015 20K.
  4. Hi all, new to the forums but desperate for some advice. I have just bought a 2013 focus 1.0 Turbo eco on 45K. I noticed a winning from the front nearside on engine load namely hill starts. I took it back to the garage and they diagnosed low gearbox fluid. They drained and replaced and said it was better and no swarf was in the oil coming out. The noise is better but not gone. I was under the impression the unit was maintenance free and told them my concerns. I've now been offered a fix, new box and clutch or swap the car. What would you do? Thanks