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  1. Help: tyre pressure 4 trip

    I think I will test a bit the handling with full pressure before we go, then let´s see what suits best... as of now, I can see that tyres are quite low... I guess because of the cold as temperatures dropped a lot lately. So anyway they need to be checked, might do it tomorrow morning. Thanks for the help :)
  2. Hello all! We will be doing a trip in a couple of weeks/3, from Copenhagen to Lillehammer (Norway), we will drive around 1700km (1056 miles more or less), half to go, half to come back. I have been thinking what could factor our trip, and of course tyre pressure comes in mind right away. I could stick to the book and give the pressure it says but I would like to ask, from your possible experience and given the next conditions: Air temperatures will always be somewhere between -10 and 2 Celsius degrees. We will be facing string winds here and there.. maybe not, it´s the north :) Two adults and a half (luggage being that half haha). The car is a Fiesta mk7 2010 1.25, it has winter tyres on. We will most likely not ride over snow, norges are quite rich! Should be stick to the recommended tyre pressure for 2 passengers? A bit more? Thank you!
  3. Replacing Mk7 Speakers

    Following, sorry I´m at work and I need a "shortcut" to find this later. Cheers :D
  4. Wiper blades

    I am boosting this thread as I am about to purchase new wipers as well. I am considering this set, but if you can suggest me a similar one at a lower cost, that´d be welcome, however, I am willing to pay the little extra for the best quality. Would the Bosch A955S Aerotwin Wiper Blades fit my Fiesta mk7 2010? It looks like they would, but I rather be sure. Thanks! :)
  5. Question. Dipped beam into leds.

    I will definitely report back when I get them. What exactly do you mean by "dim the dash board lights"?
  6. Question. Dipped beam into leds.

    So at the end I bought the Xtreme vision 130% for the dipped beam. Wow! Makes a nice difference, I believe my Fiesta was using very old bulbs already, it was rather dangerous to drive as it felt like we had to nights at all, which was confirmed once I installed this ones. Their light looks more white as well, specially from the car. When you look at the lights, they also look whiter than the older bulbs, but yes, this is still halogen bulbs that we are talking about. So now let´s see how long they last. I am so happy that I will most likely go for a set of Racingvision 150% for my main beam next. I did take comparison pictures with my phone, but I will not post them because they make no justice. Stand still amount of light in picture looks the same as the old bulbs, but hell is not! Specially when in the motorway but even in the city, the extremes light up so much more, and no reflections I must say!
  7. Question. Dipped beam into leds.

    Exactly that guy, blue Clio :) It´s quite helpful to see it. They all seem to be in the same league more or less but it´s true that those are a bit more whit light... I want to light up as much as possible, but I would also like to have as pure white light as possible. So I might compromise a bit of lighting for the whitish. We will decided over the next few days. XTremes are fauvorites now, but let´s see.
  8. Question. Dipped beam into leds.

    Hey that´s good to know! I am glad to hear that they can easily last more than a year. I am still giving it some thought over which ones to get :)
  9. Question. Dipped beam into leds.

    I´ve been watching youtube videos comparing the Xtreme, Racing Vision and the Osrams and the 3 of them seem to light pretty much the same, the Racing seem to light up a bit more white but again, video difference seems nothing. Considering that pricing is the same, I will go with the 450 hours claim plus some of you guys experience (18 months and still going.. I´m happy if it makes a full year ) I will make a video when I buy and install them with the difference between whatever I have now and the Xtreme´s. But that will take a couple of weeks to happen I´m afraid :D
  10. Question. Dipped beam into leds.

    That´s a solid point. I honestly don´t care too much if they are legal or not, of course I don´t want to go around blinding people but... truth be said, around half of the cars coming on my way blind you with their super duper shiny lights anyways. But I also don´t know if there is such a huge difference in that 20% when the Xtremes seem to be fair good already. Here In Denmark lights are on 24/7, I can´t even switch them off because the care keeps them on on day time lighting mode anyway, so maybe the X treme life spam is also more convenient than the extra 20% :)
  11. Question. Dipped beam into leds.

    Thanks everyone. I am now in between the X-Treme vision and the new Philips Racing Vision, both seem to light up quite a lot. Now I just need to figure out which one exactly because once again there re many kinds, so I will check my manual book, there must be a specification :) I live in Denmark so I will most likely amazon them. One question tho, life spam, Xtreme is 450h and racing is 200h... either way, even 450h sounds like too little to me, will they die after 4 months o.O? Then again, if they bring as much light as they promise, I guess it´s worth it :)
  12. Help - Brake pedal travel distance.

    Hand brake seems to be okay, it actually takes 3 clicks, not 4 as I mentioned earlier. Considering that it has 67500 miles, it´s not bad, so I wont be adjusting it for now I guess. I hope I have some time to try some emergency braking this weekend or next week, let´s see how the foot brake responds to that :)
  13. Hello, I would like to change the gold bulbs for led or halogen, but I am finding a lot of different products and all look different, so I am having a hard time to find the correct ones. I bet that someone has done this here so I was wondering, which leds or halogens would fit and work properly with a Fiesta MK7 from 2010, model 2008? From your experience/knowledge, which of both would you recommend? Truth is, I like the gold light, I´d love it pure yellow in fact! So classic, it´s like being doing Le Mans :D But then again, I want more visibility over night.
  14. Help - Brake pedal travel distance.

    Thank you all for the replies. I will try the hard braking, it kinda makes sense to me. After I will also change the brake fluid, the car is second hand and we got it like that. It hasn´t got any worse, it just feels like it has a bit too much free play till brakes engage. The hand brake feels right, it has about 4 clicks to be fully deployed. I will report back with how it goes :)
  15. I believe all Fiestas have the same steering wheel up to the new models, so all the way from 2008 "new" Fiesta till 2015-2016ish. If the wheel looks like mine on the pic, regardless of controls, it should fit, but you can always contact the manufacturers, they will ask you which exact model do you have to fit it :)