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  1. JamesBarraclough

    Spotify Integration ford SYNC

    Still haven't had much luck with this, after pulling the fuse it worked a little better but still 99% of the time when I start the car it refuses to find Spotify, I also use an app called Glympse and it finds this one fine so maybe an issue with Spotify?
  2. I'm thinking of buying a moutune induction kit for my fiesta zetec s red edition so was wondering if anyone had one and what they thought of it and if they could post a sound clip? Thanks in advance!
  3. JamesBarraclough

    Spotify Integration ford SYNC

    Thanks will give it a try
  4. JamesBarraclough

    Spotify Integration ford SYNC

    When I get in my car and start it the SYNC application page opens and says starting the application but then always says failed to start and I have to scan for new applications every time without fail. Anyone else had this issue? or knows how to fix it? I tried a master reset on SYNC and reinstalled SYNC.
  5. JamesBarraclough

    Exhaust Fitment

    will an exhaust backbox from a mk7 1.6 zetec s fit my mk7.5 1.0 zetec s red edition? Any help greatly appreciated