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  1. Scrapping/Grinding noise when driving

    Only thing I can suggest is parking the car up near a garage the night before so that you can get the car to them cold and they can witness the noise...
  2. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    Annoyingly, between work and entertaining the kids I haven't had a chance to get under the bonnet to even try and find what to disconnect :( Managed to wipe the dust off the dashboard the other day, though :)
  3. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    Thanks, gents :) From the sound it makes, it's like the compressor is shorting out, which is then putting pressure on the electrical system and the ECU is trying to compensate but failing. In the short term I'll look to disconnect it so that I can run the demister without fear of stalling (or messing with my newfound awesome fuel economy!) and hope it hasn't contaminated the entire system and a simple replacement part will fix it completely. Next thing in the list is to find where the hose for the drivers side blower has come loose so that I can get some cool air on my face, again!
  4. miles per tank

    I'm currently getting about 430 in my 1.6 mk1.5. I do about 300 miles a week commuting to work, which is about 2/3rds motorway and 1/3rd driving in London. Think the engine is properly bedded in now, after 140,000 miles (50k were mine) :)
  5. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    First post alert! I've got a 2004 1.6 zetec which I've owned for three and a half years, absolutely love it, however it has been demoted from the family car to my commuting runaround (which admittedly means I get to have more fun in it :)). Love the fact that the car is so reliable and so easy to fix when things do go wrong (including changing the expansion tank for £15 after a fun morning of driving through Hampstead with steam gushing out from under the bonnet!). Have a few things which I still need to fix (one of which is that last summer I think the heater matrix sprung a slight leak which has become less of a problem over the past year), the important one being that anything which utilises the air conditioning compressor causes the engine (at idle) to stutter and then stall with a loud clicking noise coming from under the bonnet (which I'm pretty sure is coming from the compressor as it powers up and then disengages). For the past month I've been driving without the blower on any setting which might engage the compressor and it's been absolutely fine, with a bonus of stretching my MPG from an average of 37 to 43! Has anyone else come across this, and if so did you find a fix? If it's just a case of replacing the compressor then that's not too bad, if it's a reset of the ECU then can I do that myself? On a more positive note, I can answer this one! The washer pipe, located behind the top brake light, can be pushed loose from the sprayer. You just need to unscrew the top brake light cluster, push the pipe back onto the spigot and all is well :)