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  1. Code for stereo

    Is there a standard code such as 0000 for a ford 6000 CD stereo? My battery was taken off and now I'm locked out of the stereo
  2. New diesel pump

    Can I directly replace a diesel pump on a mk4 mondeo or will it need to go to a ford dealer? I'm aware that the timing belts will need redoing just not sure if it can be directly replaced.
  3. Lower miles on engine than on the car

    So is there any way of finding out the exact mileage. I bought the engine on eBay and the seller didn't know the exact mileage
  4. I have recently had a replacement engine put in to my car. This engine apparently has between 80 to 90 thousands miles on it. The car is showing 121,000 from the previous engine. Is there any way of matching up the new engine to show on the display on the car ie the correct miles
  5. Numerous fault codes

    Brill thanks I'll try that. If not I take it will have to go to a dealer?
  6. Numerous fault codes

    One of these?
  7. I recently had a new engine input in to my 2009 Ford Mondeo TDCi. I have had it plugged in today as the car wouldn't start. It came up with numerous faults with most of them appearing to be electrical. Would this mean taking it to a dealer for a complete reset so I can start the car or can anything else be done?
  8. No diesel going to engine

    As in the lift pump under the seats?
  9. I've just had the engine completely rebuild on my 2009 diesel mk4 mondeo but there is now no diesel being sent to the engine despite there being half a tank in the car. Is this a fault with the fuel pump or is there a reset button somewhere? Frustrating as the car is ready to go but won't start
  10. Random question

    Does anyone know what size rubber O ring I need for the clutch cable on a mk4 mondeo? For the pipe that plugs in to the engine. My uncle has over 500 of them but not one that fits
  11. Engine change over

    1.8 TDCi as well
  12. Engine change over

    Is it possible to put a 1.8 TDCi engine from a mk3 mondeo into a 2009 mk4 mondeo? Im looking to buy the 2009 one but needs a new engine
  13. New engine

    Would a 1.8 TDCi engine from a mk3 mondeo go in to a 2009 mk4 mondeo?