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  1. Replacement Audio for 2008 Focus

    Thanks DJ_Andy_M. Much appreciated
  2. Replacement Audio for 2008 Focus

    Hi all I recently bought a 2008 Focus with a 6000CD stereo. I can connect my iPhone via Bluetooth, but also want to be able to connect the audio from my phone to the stereo - via Bluetooth I realise this means a new stereo, so what do you guys recommend that will fit in the existing rounded hole of the 6000CD, or is the best route to buy a 'standard' shape unit and use a blanking fascia to fill the gap? Any help will be greatly appreciated Cheers Chris
  3. Finally a Ford!

    Hi there It's taken me 29 years, but I have finally got myself a Ford. After growing tired of continually having my Alfa towed by the AA, I have gone and bought myself a 2008 Focus - TDCi 1.6 Zetec So far, so good It needs a few cosmetic touch ups/replacements, but I am stupidly excited to now be part of the 'family' Speak soon (though hopefully not because of problems) Also, the reg ends in FOC!! What are the chances Chris