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  1. Guys, Can someone give me the socket size to remove the oil filter housing on a 2012 Fiesta 1.6 Tdci Econetic please ? Im guessing about 27mm ?? Thanks Martin
  2. This is the one i purchased.
  3. All sorted !! New connector from Ebay and some butt connectors. Plenty of slack on the wire now and no battery warning light on the dash !! All for the total price of £6.98 ! I dread to think how much it would have cost if a Ford garage had investigated the problem.
  4. Sorry, it was Iantt who originally posted the picture.
  5. Can anyone point me in the right direction (apart from Ford) where i can get hold of this connector online ?? Thanks
  6. Can anyone point me in the right direction (apart from Ford) where i can get hold of this connector online ?? Thanks
  7. Okay I lied !! Managed to get my hand behind the alternator and prise the plug off. It is 1 pin/1 wire as per the pic Steph123 has posted. You can see where the wire has broken. The 3 wire plug arrived today......but at least its only £5 wasted !
  8. On checking, mine is the 3 wire smart charge system and its the purple wire which has broken. Found the correct connector on Ebay which has 3 x 6in lengths already in the connector (£5). Im hoping its just a case of cutting off the old connector, joining the wires etc. It will also give me 6 inchs of slack wires which should stop it happening again. The car is running fine so im assuming, when the smart charge system is disconnected, or in my case broken wire, the alternator reverts to the old method and charges the car direct. The other downside at the moment is the Stop/Start system and also the heated rear window are disabled.
  9. Thanks guys. Joining a new wire is what i had in mind, along with a new connector. Ive yet to check on the alternator to see if this single purple wire is the only wire going to the connector or if theres more. There certainly isnt much slack on the wire, which could have been the cause of the original breakage. RAC guy seemed to think this is/was a common problem with people changing batteries, alternators etc before discovering it was the smart charge wire. Will try and get the connector off over the weekend and check if its 2 pin etc. Cheers
  10. Guys. 2012 Fiesta 1.6 Tdci Econetic After months of an intermittent battery light on dash, the light is now on constant. Got the RAC out today who confirmed the battery is good and the alternator is charging. However, the thin, purple, smart charge wire has broken at the connector on the alternator. Has this happened to anyone else, and is there any easy fix without having to go to ford for looms etc ? Or can you bypass the smart charge system to get rid of the battery light ? Any advice greatfully received ! Thanks Martin
  11. I have a Powerflow exhaust on my 1.6 Tdci. Nice twin tailpipe and it sounds better.
  12. Is there also anyone within striking distance of Nottingham with Fords IDS who could get them activated ?? Cheers
  13. Guys, I have a pre-facelift 2012 Fiesta and looking to fit powerfold mirrors. The correct wiring ie 8 wires go into the connector, the 2 relays in place etc. Once all connected etc with the correct switch, do the mirrors have to be activated ?? Not looking for them to fold on locking the car, just fold when the switch is activated ?? Cheers
  14. You can of course remove the map entirely from your car. I did this once when i had to leave my car in the long stay carpark at Gatwick for a couple of weeks. Yes, someone could tow it away, but its certainly not being driven away !!
  15. Ive had Blufin installed on all my Fords for the past 20 years inc Mk1/2 Focus RS's without any issues. The latest install has been on a 2012 Fiesta 1.6 Tdci 95ps version. It has transformed the driving experience. Power is now approaching 120bhp with loads more torque. Just remember to return to the standard map if the car goes back into Ford for any work. They usually check to see if theres a software update and this will overwrite the Superchips map.